Friday, January 30, 2009

In my sky last night

The night sky over the bay and my garden was as clear as a bell last night, and hanging above it was the moon and Venus. Only at this time of year does the moon get lit from underneath by the sun. Its awesome. My Grandma used to tell me not to stare at the moon. She was very superstitious, and I don't even know what she believed would happen if you stare at the moon, but last night I couldn't help taking this picture. Amazing and beautiful.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

If you walk down our little road, past the mailboxes and turn right, you will see the big Pacific spread out in front of you. Continue straight down the road, between the fields and over the bluff to the sand. Look left and right, then down at your feet. The bay stretches out in both directions in a big arc. Its a chilly place. Not like Southern California beaches where the sand and water are warm. We like it this way.

At certain times of the year sand dollars lay strewn on the sand. When we first moved here, I picked them up... broken or not. But as time passed and my pile grew so large that I had no place to contain the, I gave up the idea of picking every one of them up, settled on only the perfect ones. My husband and I created a tradition... for every perfect one we find... we owe eachother a kiss.

You can walk hours in each direction before you come to the point on either end of the bay, but when you've tired from the vigorous work it takes to walk in sand, turn back and head back home.

My beautiful garden is just down from the house. Its the place I feel most at home. I lose track of time out there, and it provides 100% of our vegetables for at least 6 months out of each year. The rest of the time, it at least provides leeks, onions, garlic, carrots, herbs of all kinds, and if I feel like maintaining it through the winter, the cole crops as well. Usually though, I let the soil and myself rest from November through February.

Each evening we look out our front windows and see a different pattern of sunset each time. I never tire of taking sunset pictures... but I'd probably bore you to death to post each one. Still, none are the same and each is breath-taking.

Maybe the title of this blog should be my bit-o-heaven AND earth.

My bit of earth lies just above a bluff that overlooks my beloved Pacific Ocean. If you look out the front deck you'll see fields of strawberries and the sea beyond.
Its the beginning of a new year... and possibly a new hobby for me. I'm a bit shy to put myself out there in this way, but as I've spent hours reading other blogs that I've fallen love with, I've decided to try it myself.

This blog is about everything I love... everything I enjoy... and everything that's within the realm of my bit-o-earth.