Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hello there

Its been a crazy busy few days
with the new babies~

We've had a ton of rain over the past few days,
but today the sun finally came out again.
I went out to check on the garden and greenhouse

The greenhouse was a nice toasty 85 degrees F,
and the tomatoes are looking great!

Since the baby chicks are doing so well now,
I decided it was warm enough to let them enjoy it

The second day after I picked up my baby chicks, I lost one.
It about broke my heart.
Some just don't get as good a start.
She's buried out by our dog, Jazz.
I called the feedstore,
and they told me they'd replace her, I went in to pick up the new one.
I saw that there would only be one baby left,
and I didn't want to leave her alone
so took her too...

Now I have 7 healthy babies,
so out to the warm greenhouse to catch a few bugs!

If I thought my children grew up fast,
its true,
they did...

...but nothing seems to show the growth
quite as fast as these little girls!

They are already looking teenager-y
They have little stick-up tail feathers
and are a bit gangily looking,

but still oh so cute!

They think I'm their Momma,

...and of course I kinda like it (:

They rush over to my hand to see what I have,
They aren't afraid to sit on my hand
or in my lap.

They're definitely going to be pets!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chicken have come home to roost...

Hi friends!
Guess what?!

We have new family members!

... feathered ones...

These cute little gals arrived at the feedstore yesterday
We had put our name in for 6 baby chicks last month

Aren't they cute?

They don't stay fuzzy long...

Years ago, when the kids were young
we had chickens.

It was the kid's job to feed them,
gather eggs

and the most horrid job in the world - clean the coop!

We haven't had chickens for ages,
but we couldn't resist this year

We're looking forward to lovely
blue and green eggs,
These chicks are Americana's
... that means no coloring them for Easter

They'll never go into a pot,

...and it may sound a bit silly,
but chickens become pets to me

They'll all have names
and they'll help me keep bugs and slugs
under control in the garden.

Welcome Home Chickies!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Sew-in

Tonight I joined the Sew-in
that's advertised over at Handmade by Heidi

I've been looking forward to this evening of sewing
a new outfit for my little Sophia's 2nd birthday.

However, I neglected to really check out how the
pattern might fit Sophie.

I settled in to cut out the pattern,
but as I looked at the pattern

I realized that my little Sophia





Her daddy is 6ft 5 inches tall,
and her momma is 5 ft. 10 inches tall!

She's been measured at 90% in height
when she goes to the doctor...

So I looked at the pattern and it just didn't look right.

I measured it...

and thought about it...

...and ended up calling my daughter-in-law
to ask her to measure Sophie
so I could make sure it would fit.

Well, it wouldn't fit!

Sophie's the right size around the middle...

but waaaayyyyy taller than the pattern!

So needless to say,
my Sew-in became a bit complicated!

I had to match the measurements,
and adjust the bodice and pants,
by making them 2 inches longer on each.

I was so nervous...
I'm NOT a seamstress!

I caaaaan sew...
and do when I'm so inclined...

but really,
if I make a mistake...

the garment almost always goes forever unfinished.
I just hate ripping seams!!!

So in this case, I didn't want to make ANY mistakes!
Especially since I love the fabric.

what I got completed for my Sew-in
was the correct size cut out of the fabric!

Yep, that's all! That's it!

Now I'm pooped,
and going to sit in bed with a book.
I need to relax my brain from all the figure'n!

I will join the Sew-in again though!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I miss you still...

Zella Mae
September 1913 - February 13, 2009

I wasn't going to post anything about
it being one year since my beloved Grandmother passed,
but I can't help it.

Have you ever missed someone so much
that it actually hurts?

That's how I feel about my grandma.
I posted about her life last year when she passed,
so nothing more need be said except,

~I miss her so~


When I'm down or blue,
one thing always feeds my soul...

~Le jardin~

Following the crazy storms of January,
we've now got glorious weather,
so I've been out in the garden every day.
(I should be doing so many other pressing things,
but I can't help it right now...)

I just have to be out there

Over the past 2 days I've rototilled the whole thing
...raked and cleaned the weeds out

The soil is ready

the first crops to go into the ground will be:

The first plants in the greenhouse are:



Italian Parsley

We'll have garden fresh tomatoes by May.
Can't wait!

I took some ibuprofen right away, so I don't feel it yet...

but I'm going to be so sore later!!!

I really do torture myself! LOL

I grew up in Southern California, but lived for over 20 years in the mountains of Southern Oregon (4400 ft above sea level). We usually had snow on the ground until March... and could have frost anytime of the year because of the high elevation. But when we moved down here... what can I say? I am in heaven!

If I really wanted to, I could garden year round ...but its good to take a break, so I clean the garden in December and let it sleep until the middle of February. I don't take it for granted. I feel very fortunate to live here.

~A few garden vignettes~

(Note to myself: don't forget to bring the candles in each evening!
It gets up to 100 F during the day in the greenhouse)


Monday, February 15, 2010

Spring has sprung

You know that particular feel in the air,
when the sun suddenly seems brighter and warmer?
... when the air is warmer,
...the birds are louder,
...the bees are busier?

I love that feeling!

It arrived in my garden this past weekend

It called us,
... and we answered

Its our thing
the thing we do together,
the thing we share a big common interest.

See this little machine?
Its 20 years old February 14

it was my Valentines Gift all those years ago...
and its still humming along.

Thank you Valentine Man! (:

You could say its our hobby

And the side benefits:

*fresh air
*a feeling of accomplishment
*delicious organic food

Spring has sprung!

Friday, February 12, 2010

~Happy Valentines Day & A Happy Surprize~

I met my Valentine
on Valentines Day
30-some years ago

He was tall
...with red hair

He drove in to my Dad's ranch in a big truck

He was looking for hay

He played the guitar
and sang love songs

Who could resist?
Certainly not I!

Happy Valentines Day
my wonderful man!

I'm a terrible pack-rat

... a collector of too many things...

One of my collections includes

Vintage Childlife Magazines

Any printed before 1930
by Rand McNally & Co.

Here's a little Valentine Wish to each of you

A little Valentines Day Dessert

It was a long and difficult day today

I drove into the drive,
and checked the mailbox...

I found a sweet surprize
from my dear friend Dzintra!

Did she know how I love bees?

I'm not sure I've ever told her how I love them,

but there in my mailbox was this sweet surprize!

A small notebook
With a BEE on it!

Though I'm not a Bee-Keeper (Yet)...

I collect vintage Bee publications

I'm studying how to keep Bees...

I try to save them,
if I see them floundering on the beach

I've never once been stung by one,
though I handle them all the time.

I work among them in my garden
I love to hear their merry humming

I plant flowers that they love,
to thank them for their hard work

Without them, humans could not exist

~Thank you Dzintra~
For the sweet gift!
You made me smile,
and you made my day!

I plan to spend my Valentine's Day
with my Valentine man!

How about you...
Do you have a Valentine?