Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lots to do, New ideas...

Wow, time flies. I know, I know... I've been so terrible at posting! I wish I were better at it. I wish I had more time, but for some reason I just don't have enough of it each day.

Christmas was spent with our kids and the littlies! If you have grandbabies, you know how I love those times!

Sophie's note to Santa

One of her favorite gifts... an Indian doll from Great-Nana

Another favorite gift... a tea set that her Daddy used to play tea with when he
was about her age (yes, boys like to have tea too!)

A boy (Max) and his dog keep watch for Santa

So Christmas has long come and gone, and its already the first of February. We've had a very mild winter here on the California coast. Very little rain, and the reservoirs are looking quite dry.

The up-side of a mild winter is that I can work in the garden all winter long. The down-side is that when summer gets here and there isn't enough water... it won't be a happy time!

So I'm planning ahead and doing every thing possible to save water, deliver water directly only at the roots through a drip system, and mulching heavily to keep moisture in.


After Christmas my sister's two DIL's talked to me about an idea... (my DIL doesn't live near us, but my sister's do, so we see them alot).

Would it be possible for me to grow enough produce to feed their families too?
They'd be happy to pay me...

I've never thought of doing it for anything but own joy of gardening, and to supply my own family with produce... but what a fun idea this was!

So I've been thinking... ALOT!

And I've been planning... ALOT more!

Oh, and they want me to get more chickens because they whenever they're here, they love eating my eggs... and they want true free range eggs too. (:

What would we have to do to supply eggs for 3 or 4 families? ALOT! That's what! But I think I'm game for it! Now I just have to convince hubs to make a second coop and wire run... yep, he's excited about that one! You can imagine...

Soooo, I've been clearing and leveling the spot where it will go... hoping he's convinced by how hard I've worked... and kick in! (;

Since we live on the California coast, where we get alot of fog in the summer, I need a greenhouse in order to grow tomatoes, peppers and aubergine... all the heat loving plants.

I've scrounged most of the materials needed to build it. See those lovely arched windows leaning against the old greenhouse below? Aren't they beautiful?! I got them for FREE at the local landfill. Someone was throwing them out! They will make a wonderfully designed greenhouse!

We finally got enough rain a few weeks ago, that fires are now allowed to burn garden slash.

I went hunting online for ideas about how to set up a plan to provide produce for several family. I found the CSA plan... Community Supported Agriculture.

A farmer (me) produces the crops and sells shares of produce for a price, available each week. Each family can decide how many shares they'll need for their family and place their order. I'll probably adjust a few things, but I like this idea!

I haven't been so excited for a long time!

I know it will be alot of work, but I love this kind of work...
AND I won't need a gym membership, since my gym is out in the garden. (:

So this is the beginning of my year

And my New Year's resolution?

Post my progress at least weekly...

We'll see how well I keep that resolution!

~ That's it for now~