Monday, December 7, 2009

It was one of those kind of days...
you know the kind...
wintery, rainy.
The kind that makes you want to curl up
with a quilt and a book...
by the fire...
Christmas music playing in the background...

Nothing like leisurely laying around...
with nothing better to do...

the cat laying on the floor in a puddle of sunlight...


Then I woke up

Outside it was wintery and cold...
that's the true part.

Here on the bay we rarely get below 40 F at night this time of year,
and usually hover in the high 50's to low 60's F during the day...
...but not today.

We woke up to see snow on the hills.

Yes, the snow level was down to around the 500 ft. level. Having lived the first part of my married life in a part of the country where the snow starts flying at around Thanksgiving, and doesn't quit until April or May... I can testify to the fact that its a scary thing to be on the roads with a bazillion Californians who know little of driving in snow! (:

I can imagine San Francisco this morning... those steep hills ... with their little cable cars climbing halfway to the stars ... on icy roads. Any self-preservationist would think twice and stay at home... which is what I did.

The truth is, I have a cold
given to me so generously by these kiddos
Thanks for the kisses guys! (:

So I looked at all my Thanksgiving decorations today...
and realized I'd better get them put away,
and bring Christmas to our house
before the season slips away.

I became Santa's helper,
and whizzed up the holiday spirit!

First, down to the mailbox to pick up a package
all the way here from Corey in France!
Thank you Corey!
The blue ribbon was the perfect touch

Then get an appley-cinnamony scent going in the air!
Get out the spices,
and put it in the mini crock-pot

Then mix up a batch of cookies

Don't look at the dirty oven!!!

Pretty soon the house smells delicious!

Put the Christmas music on...
and pull out the boxes of Beachy Christmas ornaments

Get out the Santa set my dear SIL gave me last year!

and the winter Lighthouse from Hubby

decorate the hearth

and Voila!
~its Christmas~

Merry Christmas Season to you all!


  1. Oh Vicki a White Christmas is something we Down Under dream about!!! What a wonderful day you have had...and wow those beachy decorations, have never seen anything like them!!! Your home looks wonderful and it would surely smell great too...Enjoy...Love Dzintra♥x

  2. we still haven't gotten our act together to get Xmas put up. We had game night last night and needed the chair that is going to have to be removed for the season. Perhaps we'll get the tree up this week sometime? Meanwhile, I'll leave pictures of your tree up to inspire me! :)

  3. Ahh yes it is certainly looking like Christmas at your house. Here I am slowly doing my share but very simply..many of the decorations used in past year will stay in the boxes.This year I used natural elements for a white Christmas look..shall post and share eventually. The more I put out the more I have to take down and clear away in the New Year and so I reserve my energy for surgery. Blessings of the season to you my friend. love and light aNNa xo

  4. What a lovely visit I've had, reading all about your Thanksgiving, and now Christmas preparations. We had a houseful for TG too, but not nearly as many as you! Yes, it's such wonderful fun to have the family all together :)
    I love your beachy decorations! Your home is looking beautifully festive.
    I sure hope you're feeling much better by now. My cough is slowing subsiding, at last, thank heavens.
    We'll glady share our snow with you....we have plenty! And frigid temps this week. A little better today though, with a nice bit of sunshine.
    I hope you have a very merry Christmas.