Friday, March 18, 2011

Ta Da!

Please bear with me just this once ...
while I toot my horn a little?

Let me just say...
My sister was born to sew!
I was not

Our Grandma came from Ohio
one summer to teach us both to sew...

My sister learned
I did not

She went on to make Tailoring her major in college
Not me

She made all our clothes,
both hers and mine,
from the age of 12 (15 for me since I'm the oldest)
Not me

I was way too busy,
out riding my horse
or motorcycles with my boyfriend
Not her!

She was in sewing
And thanks to my dear sister,
I always had the latest style
because she made them for me

Oh, I knew hooooowwww to sew,
but I really disliked sitting that long
And I always had to rip seams
She never did


So perhaps you can allow me this one gloating time
to say

"Knock on wood!"

So here is the fabric from my last post
all sewn up into a dress for Sophia's 3rd Birthday

And these two matching outfits
for Sophia and Max

Its his first birthday!

Yippee! They're done!
...and I fly out to see them for 3 days!
I'm one happy Nami today!



  1. Good for you Vicki! So cute! I can't even sew on a button! :(

    Have a safe trip!

    Happy Saturday!
    xo Catherine

  2. Welcome back...
    The outfits are darling.
    There is much wisdom to be learned by reflecting back to the way our Grandparents lived as you wrote about in your last post...
    I think that some of our best moments are spent in the garden. Ours are just beginning to thaw.
    Take care.
    Susan x

  3. oh vicki these outfits are simply gorgeous...i'd be gloating too if i were you...what a fun time you will time just goes sooo only seems like max was born not long ago...and look, my little ryan is 5 this dzintra

  4. Beautiful. Go ahead and gloat. Sigh, I used to sew all the time and still have a wonderful machine. Hmmm, maybe this is the motivation that I need.

  5. VICKI! HOW WONDERFUL TO MEET YOU! I have seen your name around blogland, and now I see your blog...thank you for visiting me and BRAVO ON YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENT! My mother was a wonderful seamstress and I can sew, but like you, in never wanted to sit long hours and sew. I ram through a pattern but you should see the INTERIOR of my work. My momma would scream!! Great job! Anita

  6. Adorable outfits and YES you have a right to CROW... you are inspiring me to pull out my sewing machine! : )

  7. Vicki, welcome back to blog land! You've been missed! OOH, I LOVE those outfits, the design and fabric you have used. The dress; adorable!

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