Tuesday, July 7, 2009

She's here, She's here!

My Sophia is HERE

for a whoooooole week! (:

Today she helped Nami (that's me) in the garden.

Tutu's are perfect for the garden!

Don't you think?

We picked fresh tomatoes,
Italian Parsley, Thyme, and Oregano

Bet ya can't guess what we did next...
(sorry this is a bit fuzzy... we were moving)

We made Spaghetti
She loves spaghetti!
We all do

Washing hands after picking stuff from the garden


  1. Oh goodness, she is cutest flower in the garden!! She is PURE sunshine & sweetness! Love that tutu for sure :) and so wonderful to see you too pretty lady!!
    Thank you for sharing, you made my morning :)
    Have tons of FUN!!

  2. what a fun time you two will have!!! and such a great little helper. tutus are best in the garden, imo. ;)

  3. OH WHAT FUN! Such a sweet lil' pixie she is! I know you're going to be one happy grandma this week!

  4. So gorgeous - I can see you are in your element. Take plenty of photos.

  5. Oh Vicki of course tutus are perfect for the garden!!! Lovely to see you both together in this very very special week. Your kitchen reminded me of our one...all that timber!!!Enjoy it all...Much Love, Dzintra♥x