Monday, July 27, 2009

Back from the ranch

"The Ranch"
Family outpost...
The place where hubby and I raised our 3 boys.
The place where my parents and brother still live.
The place we will always be connected to.
...and who knows, maybe retire to?

Its a beautiful place...
remote, quiet, peaceful, full of wildlife, beautiful...

...and very snowy in winter, high desert with pine and juniper trees.
I must admit that since moving down to the California coast,
I've become spoiled by the mild weather
in which I can garden year-round, should I choose to.

When we lived at the ranch,
I was always ready for spring by January 2...
It never arrived until at least May 31! LOL!
The growing season is short at the ranch... 100 days would be lucky!

Winter Back then...

My darling boys... and 3 of their boy cousins... sure miss these days!
And ice-skating on the "resy" ... always fun!

Summer NOW

The main ranch house & barn...

Picnic spot (:

The reservoire, dubbed the "resy" by our kids...
It sits at the end of the valley, and is the place
where the kids and I spent every day in summertime
with a packed lunch, rubber rafts, a good book or two...

Summers back then...

And at this point I just have to say to all
who are young Mom's with children who may read this blog...
...enjoy every moment of your children's childhood!
It is only a very short time...
and one day "you're gonna miss this..." as I do today.
I miss my little boys and the many years of fun.
I do have my grandbabies to have the same memories with...
but just say'n ... "You're Gonna Miss This"

Sorry to make this such a long post...
but I'm obviously feeling a bit nostalgic.

My beautiful niece now ...
in the same spot my little boys and I played.
Isn't she gorgeous? I think so (:

On to family specialities...

My Dad's pride and joy!
Yes, we are John Deere people! LOL

And my Mother's pride and joy...

A note on my Mom first....
She has American Indian blood that runs deeps.
She loves it, and has spent many years teaching us kids
"the ways..." as all the grandkids would say. (:
She taught us survival skills, spinning, weaving,
an appreciation for nature,
and identification of wildlife, wild foods, etc.

For her 70th birthday, my dad bought her a Tipi...
a dream she's had for years!
In this Tipi we've had family gatherings,
family passages (another story for another time),
and special alone times for her.
She has given each of her children, grandchildren
and now great-grandchildren an Indian Name...
based on each one's personality.
American Indians put great thought into these names,
and my Mother is no exception
We spent a summer painting the images of those names onto the tipi.

This is the image of my deceased niece's name,
"Little Woman of Great Courage"
Daisy passed away at the age of 21,
a few years ago on August 14 due to birth defects
that finally took her life way too early.
(another story for another time)

As you can see, each name/image has the handprint
of that family member beside it.

Every image painted onto the tipi has a meaning...
(also another story for another time, as this post is getting very long!)

Mom's prized loom sits straight to the back
This tipi can hold 24 people sitting in a circle...
yes, we've done it! LOL

And a few for the road...
My favorite outbuilding... it holds an old woodburning cookstove
that I hope to put into a house one day.
It makes the best home made bread!
(sorry no photo of the woodstove ... its tucked behind a bunch of things)
Left-over Peonies from my old garden ...
my mom has made sure they still live! (:


  1. What a stunning place Vicki...and perfect for bringing up your children!!! You know...when I was a young Mum a lady who had a 17 year old said the same thing to me...and I thought oh that's ages away...and you are so happens so so quickly and we wonder where the time went!!!
    I would love to sit in that oh so meaningful Tipi and listen to stories of the ways....I remember reading a book once (can't remember the name now)...but the baby in it was aptly named 'Crying Basket'!!!
    "Little Woman of Great Courage"...a very very special name for a very special person Vicki♥
    I look forward to your stories for another time...And those peonies...we have carted one around with us now for a while...still have it but no flowers as yet!!! I thoroughly enjoyed this post Vicki...Much Love Dzintra♥x

  2. What an amazing post, and doesn't your niece look like you. Just look at those is times like this looking at your blog I know just how lucky I am, to be able to see these beautiful places fills me with wonder, and to share in the happyness of your lovely family, well how good is that !!
    Thankyou so much for sharing your memories with me on my blog, have a lovely weekend
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  3. Such a beautiful place, no wonder it holds so many treasured memories.
    I am intrigued by your Mom's spiritual place and the culture contained within. It is wonderful to have deep connections with our past.
    I see you and D are cooking up a storm across the miles. Can't wait to see what yummy delights fresh from the garden you have chosen.

  4. WOW! What an incredible place the ranch is! I wouldn't mind spending time there myself :)

    I know what you mean about the kids growing up... it all goes WAY too fast.


  5. Hi this post through your link...I love it!!! And I listened to Trace's very very baby 36, the other 23. I have never heard of him...but he's kinda cute...Hugs to you across the miles, Dzintra♥x