Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Big Hearts, Helping Hands

Today started as a normal day, but ended up being quite extraordinary...

We headed down the road to the beach for a walk. When we walked onto the beach we noticed a family with two dogs standing near a small black figure (Dad with the two dogs are just out of picture).

It turned out to be a sea bird who was obviously in trouble. He couldn't walk or fly and was trying to escape the waves as they came in.

The family was concerned for the small bird, as were we. They called 911 to get help for the little guy. Though the operator told them who to call, there was no answer at the number they were given. Some people might have shrugged their shoulders and given up trying to help... but not this family.

We offered to go get our car and find the number for the local animal rescue, while they stayed with the bird.

We met one of our neighbors who offered for me to come into her house and call, while hubby went for the car. She knew who to call... Native Animal Rescue (NAR) in Santa Cruz, CA.

When we arrived back at the beach, true to their word, the whole family and two dogs were waiting patiently with the bird.

Thank goodness for big hearts and helping hands! It was great to meet some fellow animal lovers!

Hubby inspects his underside to check for any obvious injuries, but none could be seen. He didn't like the idea too well, as you can see.

Isn't he handsome?!

We loaded the little guy into a box and were off to the Animal Rescue. Our neighbor is an Anthropologist and college instructor who thought he was a Surf Scoter, which is in essence a type of sea duck... as it turns out, she was right.

On the way to the Rescue, Hubby dubbed him "Scooter."

Scooter did fine on the ride (though he added a lovely odor to the car), and now he will be well taken care of.

When he arrived at NAR he did a little hissing at first, but settled down once he was transferred to a new box.

I think he knew he was in good hands!

Supper perhaps?

I want to thank Native Animal Rescue (NAR) in Santa Cruz, CA,
and give them a little notice!

NAR is a non-profit organization whose motto is:

"Animals first! Because no life is too small to save!"

And if you go to their website you can see the many little critters they've saved, rehabilitated and returned to their wild homes well as read a few stories of survival and success.

There are so many unsung heros at NAR!

They depend almost solely on donations,
and true to their motto, they save many many tiny lives!

Donations can be made online or by mail:

You can donate online, using PayPal


Or mail to:

Native Animal Rescue
P.O. Box 1001
Santa Cruz, CA 95061-1001


Scooter is a Surf Scoter

General Adult Description

  • Stocky diving duck.
  • Black.
  • No white in wings.
  • Male all black with swollen yellow or orange knob at base of bill.
  • Female blackish with large whitish face patch.


I'm such a bleeding heart for animals!

We need eachother,

but its we humans who
can and should take the initiative
to care for our furred, feathered and scaled friends.

~Thanks to all the animals lovers who are
currently helping to save many sea animals
at the oil spill area in the Gulf of Mexico~


  1. Poor little Scooter! Wonderful that you rescued him! I hope he'll be fine after some days. I'm very happy there are people (around the world) who do care for our animals. There are so many animals who suffer badly.

  2. Your mission touched my heart for every little critter needs a helping hand now and again.
    With all the misery in the Gulf it is promising to find their are people so dedicated to their calling.
    He is a handsome fellow and you and the others are special...
    Susan x

  3. What a sweet post! I have tears in my eyes. So lovely. It is so wonderful that the right people happened upon this poor bird and so thankful you have a terrific animal shelter near by.

    Animals are so special ~ it's too bad all humans don't recognize that fact. :(

    Looks like an exciting day on the beach for you! :)
    xo Catherine

  4. What a wonderful write-up. Thank you for sharing your site with us so we could find out what happened to this little bird, and thank you for your caring hearts to help rescue Scooter. I'm glad he got the help he needed :) My girls will always remember this camping trip as the time we saved a bird!

  5. What a unique experience (for you and the duck :0) So glad it had a happy ending. I will check the website. I admire the work all these volunteers do, with all that's going on, we need them more than ever! XO

  6. Hi Vicki...what a wonderful story about Scooter and that caring family that stuck by him until help arrived!!! Cheers all round and especially for NAR...where would be without these organizations!!! Dzintra♥x