Monday, June 7, 2010

A Sweet Surprise and a few Random Things

Just as I was thinking I need to get a new photo album
for my new grandbaby's photos,
Dzintra and Joanna read my mind
and sent me this!

Aren't those little pudgy hands on the card just darling?
(I love cards)

And now I have a pink photobook for Sophie
and a blue one for Max!
~Thank you Dear Dzintra and Joanna~

Random Thing #1

I love the scent of air-dried sheets,
so I hang them out when the weather cooperates
They looked so lovely... flapping lazily in the sea breeze.
They remind me of my dear sweet Grandmother
I miss her so much~
She's been gone for a year and half now,
but these little things remind me of her almost daily.

Random Thing #2

Chickens again...
they are so hilarious!
You wouldn't believe how each of them
has a personality all their own!

taking a flying opportunity to get between
hubby's legs, into the house!

What a sneaky bird
...especially when she never gets very far!

She knows she's not allowed to come in...

~Have a great week~


  1. Hooray for getting fun things in the mail!!!

    I don't know Vicki...can your chickens get any sweeter??? Perhaps she could come in just for a few minutes??? :)

    Have a lovely Tuesday Vicki!
    xo Catherine

  2. LOL - that Hana! :) I'm sure they know they are not allowed in, they just try their luck! :) How cute! My dad often told me they (when he was a kid) used to have pigs who followed him everywhere, even into the kitchen. :)
    Doesn't it feel wonderful going to bed in air- dried sheets, after a long working day... I always dry clothes and sheets outside, love the smell of fresh air in the clothes.

  3. Freshly lined dried sheets...I am smell them now! Hana is a sneaky thing isn't she :-)

  4. I can't believe that Hana! :0) She is too cute! Congratulations on your beautiful gifts xx

  5. Looks like D and JoJo had a premonition that a place to put those wonderful photos just might be a perfect gift.
    Those chickens are rascals.
    Hold close those memories of your Gramdma and enjoy the laundry flapping in the breeze... just her little way of saying hello.
    Susan x

  6. G'day pleased the little albums arrived safely to you!!! Air dried sheets, especially reminding you of your beloved Grandma...they would bring back some lovely memories just watching them flap around...I'm chuckling about your chickens...Have a great weekend, hope it's nice and warm for you...Love from Down Under, Dzintra♥x

  7. VICKI!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming by to wish me a great trip back home. And your chicken is darling! Who would have thought that a chicken could be such a cute pet!!!! I will be back in 10 days...and I will miss all y'all!

    Have fun dearest, Anita