Saturday, August 8, 2009

Crazy... wish I could say Lazy Hazy Dayz of Summer

Summer has proven to be a challenge of time. Since we live at the beach, our home becomes a sort of B&B for family and friends. Mind you, I am in no way complaining! I am a self proclaimed home-body and love to just be home... so family and friends who are willing to come here is fine by me! (:

However, it does pose a problem with time. When everyone is here I cook and clean and tour them around... which leaves little time to post on my blog. I love the contacts I've gained in the blog world and hope I don't lose any of you. I value my visits to your blogs, and I value your visits to mine. I know that as fall approaches, and my bit-o-earth settles into the rhythm of the seasons, I will have more time to post to my blog, read the books I want to read and work on my stitchery that my dear friend Dzintra sent me months ago.

Also, Dzintra and I have begun a cook up, using each new issue of Donna Hay's magazine... well, the last issue has now been replaced by a newer issue and I have yet to do my cook-up from the last one! I plan to do a cook-up from both the past one and the current one...

but it may have to wait a few more weeks, as I plan to go back up to the ranch in Oregon for my Dad's 75th birthday! Happy Birthday Dad~ I love you!

Until then, I still keep my camera shutter clicking away on my garden and here are a few shot ... not of the vegetables, but of the beauty I see in every nook and cranny, vein and vital part of the plants in my little bit of earth.

Love to you all, and I hope you are enjoying your summer. Thanks for sticking around too~ (:

My favorite plant
St. John's Wort or Hypericum
The flowers are waxy and vibrantly colored,
and the leaves are heavenly.

Ok, maybe one vegetable leaf... Beetroot
Lovely isn't it?
The veins are deep red, but the green of the leaves jump out

Elephant Ear
That's all I know it by. It was given to me by a kindly neighbor.
The color of the leaves is exquisite,
and the veining on them intriguing to me.

I am such a lackadaisical gardener...
I don't put enough time into
learning the names of the plants, or about their history, etc.
I go by feel... if the plant reaches out to me, I grab it.
Doesn't this fern look magical? So delicate...


  1. beautiful!!!

    i've got my google reader set up to let me know when you post, so these eyes are going nowhere! :)

  2. Wow Vicki this Summer has certainly kept you busy in more ways than one...I can see how you would be looking to your Fall to slow down a I over here am looking forward to Summer!!! I love to come over and see what's happening in your bit o-earth...Much Love Dzintra♥x

  3. Hi Vicki, long time since I visited but not to repeat myself I've been a little under the weather. I adore your pics and soon you will have the time to do the things you'd like indoors. I too between summer, holidays and ailments I find it quite hard to keep channels open in blog land but if one loves what you blog about they will be back. Nice to be visiting again, take care
    Hugs Annabelle

  4. Hi Vicki,
    Enjoy your company, your father's birthday, enjoy your garden and summer... we will be here! I'm having similar issues and I trust that our friends will be here for us when we can get back :)
    Love the St John's wort I had never seen the flower, thank you for sharing!
    take good care of yourself!
    lots of love ~ Madai