Friday, August 28, 2009

Harvest Friday

Today's harvest comes from outside in the garden,
and from the other side of the country.

Green Beans.... and more green beans.
I think my eyes got bigger than my freezer this year!
They're beginning to fall into that "zucchini" arena! LOL

MORE tomatoes!
Last year my 4 vines produces 527 tomatoes (by the end of October)
This year, my 6 vines have produced 602 ... and counting

And a most special harvest from my dear Uncle!
I got a box in the mail yesterday...
and inside it was my Grandmother's Family Bible,
printed in 1877

Thank you Uncle D!!!

At some point in its life, someone decided to repair it.
At that time it was bound with black binding tape...
The job was not professional, as you can see,
and has covered up the beautiful embossing
and pressed surfaces along all the edges.

I may take it to a professional binder...
The only issues are...
whether or not the bad binding can be removed and redone
and how much $$$ it will cost.

Wasn't the handwriting beautifully done?
(I know its not easy to see in this photo... but its so elegant)
We don't take the time to have lovely penmanship
like the old days.

No deaths recorded...

No names written under the photos...
so I don't have a clue which names go with which faces...
a real dilemma.
Guess I'll have to put in a call to Sherlock Holmes

Someone pressed a leaf...
...which we all know is not good for the paper... acid factor.
But I don't know if I can remove it...
Who knows how long its been there,
or who put it there,
and it just feels so right sitting here in the book.

Also, I got 3 of my grandmother's handwritten recipes.
A true treasure to me

Lastly... Hubby got TOTALLY carried away on our hedge!!!
One thing I'll admit... it has brought all the neighbors in!
They are stopping by to laugh and say how they love it!
Can you tell what it is?


  1. I'd still get the Bible rebound, honey. You'll never regret it.

    Looks like a good harvest for you.

    I'm a virgo also. In fact, tomorrow is my birthday! When is yours?


  2. i wish our beans were still producing! i tried a different kind of bean this year, and will be making the switch back to last years next, brain teaser there. :)

    i see a pine wood derby car waiting to be shoved down the hill.

  3. Oh Vicki...those beans and tomatoes just look so fresh and delicious!!! And that Family Bible...what a wonderful wonderful treasure along with those recipes...I would be the same as you about the leaf...that black binding...I just had an idea...maybe not a smart one I don't know but it just came to me looking at that binding...if you put some cloth over it and maybe hold a steam iron over it it might help release the glue...But definitely worth checking out the $ side of it all...a great post Vicki... MUch Love Dzintra♥x