Thursday, August 13, 2009

I am pathetically and unapologetically
a proud Grandma (Nami to Sophia)

She loves to play a game called
"Monster Daddy"

The way the game works is ...
Daddy hides behind the curtain!
Then Sophie runs over as quick as she can to see where he is!

Daddy makes a loud snort!

....and Sophie RUNSSSSS!
Real fast!
Mommy will save her!
But Daddy comes after her anyway! Yikes!!
Quick Sophie!!! You can get past him!!!
I think...

Sophie's favorite food is...

There's only one problem...

They sure can be sour!
But will that stop her from eating them?



  1. Such a cutie pie! What fun those little giggles can be! And my dad always enjoyed giving a toddler their first pickle and watching the expression...and a whole bunch of his grandkids are now pickle lovers!

  2. Hi Vicki...Ryan's favourite are strawberries too...the expression on your Sophie's face reminds me of the strawberries we had last weekend...a tad on the sour side!!! What fun these games aren't they playing with the little ones...I miss those days...Love to you Dzintra♥x

  3. Oh goodness!!! SMILES!!!!! GRINS and GIGGLES!!!
    Love this post Vicki, you did a GREAT job capturing all these special moments, I felt like I was tasting those berries with sweet Sophie :)
    Thanks for sharing!!
    hugs ~ Madai

  4. Great post Vicki,

    Sophie is adorable and those strawberries look yummy! I miss my kids when they were little. Did you see this week Stupid Video although it is far from stupid it’s memorable! Check out kid parallel cute and he reminds me of Ty, my son when he was small and drove his red Ferrari...those were the days! Enjoy the moments for they’re gone too soon.
    By the way the Storybook banner is free for a personal blog for everyone; you are welcome to use it as a desktop if you like. Madai is using it at her work place as a screen saver....a reminder of our FairyTale Lives! We all need to escape once in a while!!!

    Hugs Annabelle

  5. What a cutie! Great photos too!

  6. Hi, thanks for your very kind comments on my blog.
    You have an adorable grandchild, she looks like she is full of life.

  7. Dear Vicki,
    Just stopping by to say hello! Thank you for stopping by Harmonie House it's lovely to meet a kindred spirit!! I must say your grand baby is a little have a lovely family.
    Hope you and yours are well and ever blissful!

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