Saturday, September 26, 2009

Autumn Dawn

Autumn Dawn
Born September 22 at 4:47pm
7lbs. 11 oz.

And the two proud brothers, Aiden & Ashton

And then there were 5!

Mommy and Daddy love her!

And my beautiful sister,
She's their grandma,
they call her Mee-ma

Meanwhile, back at the ranch
(so to speak)

Its Walnut pick'n time!
You know how I know when its walnut time?

These guys show up first!

They pick the nuts off the trees...
and carry them out over the road!
Where they drop them,
and then dive down as fast as they can
to get the cracked nuts before the lazy ones do!

The lazy black birds sit out by the side of the road
and wait for the working ones to drop the nuts
then race out to get them before the working ones
get back down there...

redistributing the wealth?

The nuts begin to crack open as the sun warms them up.
I've seen them actually pop off the tree!
I race to get them before the birds get there!
Its a jungle out there!

The trees are so laden with nuts that the boughs
hang to the ground!
I don (is that spelled right?) my trusty plastic gloves...
Because if I don't...

My hands would look like this!
I can totally understand why walnuts are used as a dye.

A couple other crops harvested today...
Miniature pumpkins

Apples... apples... and more apples.

for applesauce, apple pies and apple crisp!

Do you remember Bo?
I took some photos of him in the spring when he was a little puppy
Now he's a BIG puppy!

Boxers never grow up.
They are puppies all their life!
and are so ugly, they're cute!
Bo is now a teenager
And always comes down for a visit
when I'm out in the garden.


  1. Oh Vicki Congratulations on the safe arrival of Autumn Dawn..what a beautiful name that is!!! And your Sister becoming a Grandma again...wonderful!!! Wouldn't mind some of those walnuts for that hair of mine LOL...Much Love to you, Dzintra♥x

  2. Oh!!!
    Baby humans and baby pumpkins and big puppies.
    What an irresistable post!

    Good to see you :)

  3. Oh. What a WONDERFUL post! That family is beautiful and the new baby, just PERFECT. I have a niece named Autumn Rose....such a beautiful name! Your little Autumn Dawn is well-named, too, don't you think?!

    Such gorgeous photos! And I love all your stuff from the garden, send me a bushel of apples, please? Ha! And that pup is just GORGEOUS....I want to reach in and scratch his ears!

  4. congratulations on the addition to the family!! she's beautiful...they all are.

    i love watching the crows duke it out. :)