Sunday, September 13, 2009

Visitors for a Birthday Party

Hello again...

Its been a busy time. So what's new, right?

I'm just getting to blogging about last weekend.
I had visitors.
Ashton and I have birthdays that are close together,
so he came to celebrate with me!
He brought is brother and family too. (:

Meet Ashton!

He will attempt to tell you how old he is

Uh.... Oh! He's 2!

We won't say how old Aunt Dittie is (that's me)
(a woman's prerogative, right?) (:

Ashton has a natural Mohawk.
Yep, it just goes this way...
even though his mommy combs it down flat
after bathtime. I think its quite handsome!

And this is Ashton's brother, Aiden
(its Aiden who first dubbed me, Aunt Dittie...
I just love that name)
Aiden loooooves homemade ice cream!
...which is a must-have for all birthdays in our family!

Aiden the pirate!
Aye there Matie!

Time for family pics...

Happy 4 1/2... soon to be 5 family!

(you can't really see it in this photo, but
a new baby sister is due to show up
any day now!)

Daddy looooooooves Mommy!
And plants a nice big fat kiss on her
right under my walnut tree...
Well, if Daddy loves Mommy so much...

So does Aiden and Ashton!

Let's ALL kiss Mommy!

Where's that new sister?
Let's see if we can find her!
Yep, there she is...

Happy Happy!
What a great birthday for us all (:

and 2 for the road!


  1. Hi Vicki,

    Such beautiful images and what a beautiful family.

    xx Coty

  2. What a beautiful family! It's so great you were able to capture this moment in time!

  3. G'day Vicki...what a fabulous post!!! Gotta love that natural Mohawk...Aiden has that 'character', perhaps he'll be in a movie one day!!! Happy Birthday to your house...when was your birthday? Have a great Thursday, Dzintra♥x

  4. Vicki...those pics are gorgeous and so is the family you were photographing! What a beautiful time in their lives, yay for them and their new baby sister! You might want to look into a side job as a photographer..these are precious.

    My youngest had a natural mohawk for the longest time and I treasure those old pictures that show it, especially in the sunlight...

  5. That little mohawk is the most adorable thing ever! Beautiful pictures Vicki.