Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sunflowers are for the birds...

Yep, sunflowers are grown purely for the birds around here.

This time of year the garden is full to bursting
and the compost pile is growing.

~We love tomatoes~
We usually have tomatoes on the vine until Thanksgiving
... and we all dread the time when we have to start
buying them at the grocery store again!

We're harvesting pears from our one little tree.
Its an amazing little tree
I have no idea what kind of pear it is,
but it put out about 140lbs of fruit last year

The pumpkins are preparing to become jack-o-lanterns! (:

Raspberries ready to be jam

Dill ready to be pickled
I'm going to try a new recipe from over at Joni's blog

And we can't leave out the flowers

If allowed to, roses grow all year here on the coast.
In the fall I put them to sleep by pruning them back pretty hard.

These lovely ladies were here when we moved in.
All I know about them is their common name,
"Naked Ladies"
They kinda look like dancing ladies
with their pink tops and long dark stems.
Its a strange plant...
In spring it puts out lots of long single leaves,
which die back to almost nothing but dry yellow stands...
then suddenly the lovely ladies shoot up and bloom.

Summer is over,
and that distinctive feeling of fall is in the air.
Its crisp and clear... almost a 3/4 moon tonight
The Harvest Moon is on the way...
Friday the 4th
Though my grandma used to tell me,
its bad luck to stare at the full moon...
I used to sneak and look at it.
And, since nothing bad has ever happened,
I'm going to stare at it right now. (:


  1. The flowers are beautiful especially those Naked Lady roses.
    We had sooooo much rain here this year I have one lone pumpkin on the vine... enough for muffins that's it.
    Pear chutney is good too!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Oh you have my mouth watering Vicki with all that luscious produce...those tomatoes...I just love the way pears hang from a tree...and I have never seen a rusty coloured sunflower like that...just beautiful!!! Raspberries are my favourite berry...My Grandmother made lovely dill pickles with the dill...Latvians use dill a lot!!! I love pumpkins too...as you can tell I love it all!!! As your Fall has reached you now we have Spring in the air...the days are warming up...they are longer too but the evenings are still cool!!! What is Harvet Moon can I ask...Enjoy your Harvest...Much LOve Dzintra♥x

  3. Gorgeous photographs, I love the basket, it makes me want to paint it!

  4. Indeed you do have a lovely garden!!

    If I lived near you, you might have caught me sneaking into the raspberry patch to borrow a handful or two...can't resist ripe raspberries :)

    What a wonderful harvest!