Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Baby & a Surprise

We're back from our new baby's birth
He's such a sweet little doll
(what else could a grandmother say?)

I don't know how our son and DIL got so lucky,
but they now have a second very good baby...

He sleeps well
...has no tummy aches
is so calm and observant,
He just looks around,
checking out his new world.
He's a sweetie!

His big sister looooves her new baby brother!
I think Max is a lucky little guy
to have such a loving sister.

She brings diapers to momma

...and listens to his heartbeat!

Notice the dirty mouth?
Every now and then she gets to have M&M's

She teaches Nami how to listen too! (:

What fun!


And a most lovely surprise came in the mail today!
all the way from my dear friend Dzintra
over at Queen of the Armchair

I love the Koala on the envelope!

...and inside...
these gorgeous Handmade-by-Anna gifts!!!

Thank you Dzintra!
~You have the perfect touch~
I love them!


And next up...
planting in the garden,
care-taking of 8 new baby chicks
(who will join Hana and Putt-Putt
when they get big enough!)

The first two are big girls now,
and stay out in their new chicken coop.

Wishing all of you a lovely spring
or fall (Australia) day~


  1. how lovely! congratulations all around!

  2. Dear Vicki, CONGRATS on the new family member(s) (the chicks too)! Such a cute little guy! Looks like big sister takes good care of him already. Oh, and what a lovely gift from Dzintra!

  3. Congratulations to all the family on the safe arrival of Max...and how sweet is that that Sophie is listening to the hearbeat...and I notice she has a Big Sister badge on too, how cool!!! Happy Planting...and we are having a beautiful Autumn/Fall day!!! Love Dzintra♥x

  4. I just LOVE those tiny toes!!! Congratulations my friend. Life is good, isn't it? xx

  5. What a sweet little family ~ and such a proud grandmother you must be! Those wee toes are just the most wonderful thing aren't they? kiss!

    And new baby chicks ~ how exciting! Looks like you are going to be one busy gal!

    Take care!
    xo Catherine

  6. How beautiful your new Grandson is... and how lucky that all is well.
    Goodies from abroad always add a little fun to the day don't they? That D she really knows how to fill your heart with gladness. And new chicks... you'll be so busy.
    Enjoy your weekend and all the wonderful new gifts that life has bestowed upon you Vicki.
    Susan x

  7. Dearest Vicki,
    Congratulations!! How wonderful for you! I wish you many, many happy days ahead with your beautiful grand-babies...may bliss follow you wherever you go.

  8. Dear Vicki,
    Congratulations on your beautiful new little grandson, isn't he just gorgeous. ..... and those little feet, oh I forgot about my babies feet. What a photo!!!

    You must feel fantastic,
    Sending you lots of love and happiness.
    xxxxxxxxxxxxx Coty

  9. Dear Vicky,

    congratulation for the new born. The little toes is so cute!

    Thanks for visitng me. Please join me in my giveaway!

  10. Vicki! The little pictures of your heaven-sent grandson are gorgeous! I especially love the one of the fresh little feet, so precious. You must be literally on cloud nine with such sweet little grandchildren to love! It won't be long now for mine, I get to meet him the first week of June, I hope! Your little red-headed granddaughter is so sweet and I'm sure will be a wonderful helper to mom with the new baby! Your gifts are fantastic and yes, I'm enjoying SPRING! It's finally here, and we've had quite a run of very chilly weather but at least we have green grass, emerging leaves, and blooms everywhere! Tulips just make me smile...

  11. I love all the photos of your new baby and the "big sister". You are so bless to have grands.