Thursday, April 8, 2010


Its been a totally crazy couple of weeks around here!

How's it been for you?
I've missed reading around my favorite blogs,
and haven't had a moment to myself

On Easter Sunday my nephew brought his precious
family over to hunt for any surprises the Easter Bunny
might have left, have dinner and spent a little family time.

I love when they come over,
because that means my two favorite little buddies,
Aiden and Ashton come to play!
They are just the cat's meow to their Aunt Dittie!
(that's me... Aiden named me that
when he couldn't pronounce my name)

Here's Aiden
He's turning into such a big boy...
I'm kinda sad about that
He's 4 years old
And here's Ashton
Isn't he a doll?
And his little personality is just like his face!
Joyful and always smiling
He's 2 years old

We always have a great time,
and now they are joined by a baby sister,
Autumn Dawn.
She's just as precious as the boys!

Isn't she just a Cutie Patootie!?
Those chubby cheeks are irresistible
As you can see!

She gets lots of kisses...
and she deserves them too!

How could anyone resist those chubby little cheeks!?


And in the chicken world
Hana and Putt-putt are turning into big chickies
Hubby has been racing to get their coop finished...
we leave soon for the birth of our second grandchild,
and the girls must be safe while we're gone...
(or I'll worry myself silly... which wouldn't be a good thing)

Out in the garden...
things are growing beautifully,
but more slowly this year.
We've had a very cool and wet late winter/early spring.
It has slowed things down a bit

~The apple trees are in full bloom~

~I can't wait to put the onions into food~


~Sugar Pod Peas~

~Tomatoes will be ripe for eating by May~

And this is my latest experiment
I saw these hanging tomato pots a the garden nursery
They intrigued me, and I just had to get one.
You plant the tomato down at the bottom of the hanging pot,
and water it from the top.
Its called the Topsy Turvy Tomato grower
We'll see if I get tomatoes that look like the ones in the pictures!

Next to go into the ground will be,

Aubergine (Eggplant)
Zucchini Squash
Green Beans
... and much more

Our gorgeous California State Flower,
the California Poppy

This time of year there are fields of them
I love their cheery faces,
and mow around them on the property

Its evening now,
and as the sun sets over the Monterey Bay
I think of everything that's precious in my life...


A roof over our heads
food on the table

...and being lucky enough to sit in front of the Big Blue
out there on the western horizon each day.

During the hectic days,
its important to take time
to count the blessings in life;
to live in the moment
and to not take anything for granted.

~Thanks for stopping by dear friends~


  1. Looks like you had a very wonderful Easter ~ so much fun having kids around ~ they are adorable!

    Hana and Putt-putt are sure growing ~ how cute ~ that will be nice when their new home is built.

    And look at your beautiful flowers and plants! Lucky girl! It is snowing here this morning. What? Are you kidding me?!! sigh...

    Hope you have a terrific weekend friend!

  2. You certainly have a beautiful family. They are sooo cute! Can't believe how big the chicks are! Glad to know your days are full of sunshine :0) xx

  3. nice new look here, vicki. :)

    we have had such a chilly and wet spring so far. it was beautiful in march, but always on work days. then as soon as we have a day off, it is cold and rainy again. i need to get some seeds into the ground or this year is going to be a sad gardening year...

  4. Dear Vicki,
    You have a beautiful family and your corner of the word is simply wondeful. Thank you for sharing this with us. I wish you a most lovely day!

  5. Hi Vicki, such a lovely family you have - cuties! And 'the girls' are growing into beautifil ladies and I'm sure they will love their new home. What tastes better than home grown vegetables! Springtime is a wonderful - and hectic time of the year, isn't it?

  6. Vicky this post was surely filled with your many blessings! The children are adorable!!
    I am intrigued as well with those hanging tomato plants!!?? I wonder if I'll find some here!
    Chicken coop..ok Martha!! I'd love to but not in my neigborhood..I'd be reported!!
    Loved catching up with you! hugs anna xo

  7. Hi your new look and that it goes across the did you do that?
    What a gorgeous family...they are just so precious like you say♥
    Those chickies are growing up aren't they...a couple more months and you'll have your very own fresh cool is that!!!
    Potatoes, pumpkin, onion, that wonderful tomato
    plant hanging upside fantastic Vicki...I love it all!!!
    Take time to count our blessings...just perfect Vicki and now I will remember that and think of you...Much Love from Down Under, Dzintra♥x

  8. I am not a gardener, so I'll live vicariously through you. The grand kids are beautiful. The doodle for the garden dress is awesome, I didn't know that you were an artist, also. The garden dress in my opinion, is busy enough without any embellishments. One of those cute bandanas that you tie around your neck to stay cool is all the adornment you will need. Take care and enjoy the rest of your week. Susan