Wednesday, April 28, 2010

When life hands you lemons...

Make lemonade!

My two not-so-little buddies,
Aiden and Ashton came to visit on Sunday

I always look forward to visits from my grand-nephews

They came ready to be farmers!
All dressed up in their overalls,
Aiden immediately said,
"Aunt Dittie, we have our farmer clothes on
so we can work in the garden!"

How cute is that!?

So I put them to work with shovels,
and they did a pretty gosh-darned good job
digging the weeds along the edge of the garden.

After that, the treat!


They filled every available pocket the the golden jewels
from our Lemon trees

They squeezed them all
and had a refreshing drink after all that hard work!

Ahhh.... the life of a farmer!


Then there were my big boys!
Nothing warms my heart so much as watching
the comradery of the group of best buds
that my boys went to high school with!
A handsome group of great young men,
I'm very proud of them all.
The friends are all like our own kids,
so when they all come home to visit
I'm in heaven!

They are all out of college and into their careers now,
but when they're home, they become boys again,
and all we do is eat, gab and laugh!
There are 12 of them in all,
(only half of them here...)
They still get together for each of their
birthdays, graduations, and any other big event.
I suspect this will continue until brides and babies come along! LOL
But even after that, I know the boys will be friends for life.

Love you boys!

Spring is in full swing for me,
and I'm swamped with it all
so if I haven't gotten around to all your blogs
quite as often...
you'll know why for now,
but as soon as the season turns into
the lazy hazy days of summer,
things will slow down a bit and I'll visit more often.

Until then,
make every moment of life count,
and have a great day~


  1. a good reminder, making every moment count.

    i had the best of intentions yesterday but mom nature once again foiled me. no gardening for me, instead rain for the garden. ah well. did get much done inside.

    love the friends photo!

  2. Your little helpers in the garden were so cute, how can they NOT be...they're in overalls! I love it that they wanted to help you, that's wonderful. Your "big boys" are an awful nice-looking bunch, too, Vicki! That's great that they all keep in touch!

  3. Beautiful memories of beautiful days. Family and friends, who could ask for more? XX (love the new look)

  4. No matter their ages, our children will always be our babies! And your little helpers are adorable! :)

    xo Catherine

  5. A bunch of handsome men and two little men. I love the 'lemon photos', especially the first one - made me laugh! It's so cute, with the lemons in their 'farmer clothes'! Sweet memories of a wonderful day! :)
    I know this time of the year is busy for you... I re-potted about 10 plants yesterday, which was very needed.

  6. Hi Vicki...what gorgeous pics of your Farmer Boys...and your big boys too!!! That reminded me of when our Son was home and the boys came around back at the Post Office, so much fun and I miss those days!!!
    You are so right too...Make every moment count...Happy Lemonade Days to you and all the Boys...Love Dzintra♥x

  7. Fresh squeezed lemonade... yummy.Such a handsome bunchof lads you entertain.
    Enjoy your weekend Vicki.
    Susan x

  8. Preciousness! This is worth diamonds!