Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day started quietly, and ended with a party.

The idea was that all the mothers...
i.e., me, my sister and my niece...
would get to sit back and enjoy a meal fixed by "the guys",
i.e., my hubby, my brother-in-law, and my nephew.

Here's a question .... did we really think that was possible? (:

The answer:
yes... and no
The "no" part was our own fault,
because we women can't help ourselves...
we have to have a hands in the pot, even if for a moment.
But none of us are complaining.

The guys did make most of the meal...
but I still had to clean the house before everyone arrived,
and my family had to have "mom's seasonings"in the potato salad.

Its nice to be needed. (:

I did have the morning to myself, so I walked through the garden and took a few photos of the growing things and my usual visitors.

For once, I tried to focus on the plants we don't eat. I've always dreamed of having a peaceful garden with a pond and a few secluded nooks... but somehow that has never happened. I just can't seem to keep any area free of edibles! Oh well... maybe one day it will happen.

Walking through the garden gate

and into the rose garden... albeit a bit small.

And below is my most special rose. The mother plant of this rose traveled across the United States in a covered wagon with the great great great grandmother of my best friend. We have no idea what kind of rose it is, so we called it:

Celia Jane

That was her grandmother's name. The mother plant is a hearty massive plant that lives on a ranch in Northern California where it was lovingly planted once the family settled after the long trek over the Oregon Trail. My friend and I have spread bits of this plant to both of our gardens
my garden here, and her garden in Tillamook, Oregon. Celia Jane will always grow in every garden I have chance to plant until I'm too old to have a garden, and that's a great feeling... I get to keep a treasure alive!

Celia Jane

Mother's Day garden visitors:
The Bumble Bees

The neighbor's kitty

And later for dinner... two handsome visitors!

And just a few pretty pictures:

And now its Monday...

Here is today's harvest... 20 lbs of broccoli, already in the freezer.


  1. Sounds like a lovely day for you all...including your 2 very special little visitors!!!
    Beautiful shots of ther roses Vicki...I could almost smell them...and love the story of the wagon from Oregon to California...Makes me think of those westerns with the wagons in them...I love them!!! And I love the story of the Celia Jane♥x

  2. Hi Vicki...Thank you for stopping by at My Dolce Vita...That Leek and Parmesan Tart was delicious...the girls who made it said it had 6 ingredients...Leek & Parmesan, cream & eggs, and 2 cheeses on a was absolutely delicious, so creamy and tasty...of course without the base for me...Dzintra♥x

  3. Great pictures and such gorgeous flowers!
    Sounds like you had a lovely mothers day!

  4. Hi Vicki,
    I see your garden grows by leaps and bounds! The kitty is precious and the kids of course as well...hehe! Glad to hear you had a lovely Mother's Day.
    Hugs Annabelle

  5. Well hello there :)
    I was so happy to see you visited my little blog and what a sweet comment you left for me! I saw the similarities in us right away, kindred spirits for sure. I adore your roses and I really love the story about Cecilia Jane, she is beautiful! What a treasure!

    I'm happy to have made your acquaintance and your family sounds lovely & fun too! Yes, the boys are cutie pies with their cool shades on ;)

    And I couldn't help but gasp at all that Broccolli!!! That is just marvelous!! I've only had success with a few edibles and that just blew me away!

    Thanks again for sharing your bit 'o earth, I had a lovely visit!!
    Happy Gardening!
    With the warmest of regards, Madai

  6. Oh, and I LOVE Borage flowers too, GORGEOUS PHOTO!!!

  7. I loved the gorgeous pictures...and I can tell you giving up space for a pond and waterfall is space WELL USED. We love's the most peaceful and relaxing part of our yard.

  8. There you are, wanting a garden with unedibles (although, the unedibles you are growing are simply beautiful!) and here I am with my little flower garden wishing so much to have my own veggie garden one day.
    Aren't those big clumsy fuzzy bees the most wonderful thing ever??