Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Here she is again...

First I must admit that I'm a terrible packrat. I wouldn't want anyone to see my attic, or my garage right now. I have good intentions. I've made resolutions to get rid of "stuff." I've even told my hubby to go ahead... get rid of things... only to look at what he's tossing and bring it back in.

Well, today I added to my packratting.... How could I not?

In the mail came a large box from my aunt and uncle. Inside were treasures that had me shedding tears all afternoon. This evening I just feel quiet.

I lost my beloved grandma back in February. I've been processing that loss over the past few months, but you know how it goes.... it only takes a sight... a scent... a particular sound... Be it music, food, a voice... or a stack of old greeting cards... the hammer of the gun of emotion is set... waiting for that trigger to slam down and set off the blast.

Out it comes without my permission.

In the box were a stack of greeting cards. It seems there was something I didn't know about my grandma (actually, I'm sure there are plenty of things I don't know about her), but she is obviously the genetic source of my packratting.

I've collected greeting cards and postcards ever since I was a little girl. Not just cards that were given to me at holidays, but cards that I found, and liked, and just had to have. I'd be embarrassed for anyone to see the boxes I have of them.

I also have every single card my hubby has given me. A most romantic man, a poet, a comedian and a romantic. For over 30 years I've found his cards, secretly tucked somewhere (places where he's sure I'll find them...) ...like in the refridgerator... my langerie drawer... inside a shoe... You get the picture. How could I throw those away?

Well it appears my grandma couldn't throw hers away either, and now I have them. Not only do I have her own cards, but also the cards from my great-grandma (her mother) ... 50th anniversary, 60th anniversary, birthdays... This is one persistent gene!

As I read them today, the tears flowed, and once again I felt the connection I had with her.... still have with her. I found one more thing we share.

Thank you Grandma
I miss you ... still
Thank you Uncle Don & Aunt Carol
for sending them to me.


  1. Love this post Vicki...perhaps we are destined to be packrats...I too have loads of cards...but I did get rid of a lot when we had our Sea Change...what is it that makes us keep everything...or most everything? I knew a girl once who kept her cards for a week and then tossed them...Loved the bit about bringing stuff back...reminds me of me LOL!!! This is all worth keeping...Much Love, Dzintra♥x

  2. Vicki,
    What a wonderful gift from your aunt and uncle. I have hundreds of copies of cards sent and received by a grgrgrandmother that my cousin was trusted enough to keep for posterity by our family. She loaned them to me long enough to copy. I treasure them and understand your feelings completely!

  3. What a sweet post, and all so well-said. Our treasures say a lot about us, don't they? And you've got a treasure in that box...and they are also a family heritage, telling the history of a sweet life, lived to the fullest! And, I just have to tell you, I LOVE, love, love your little red-headed grandkids! (I've always had a soft spot for redheads!)

  4. What a beautiful post, you bought tears to my eyes, especially after what you had written on my blog..I felt so pleased for you, that you could use some of the beautiful things, left by your precious grandmother, she will be smiling now won't she xxxxx
    Hugs Lynn xx

  5. Hi Vicki :)

    We have something in common! I save every single card and note too. How could I get rid of them when each one holds a precious memory? I couldn't! I understand :)