Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Boring Post...

What do you do on a chilly Fall day
when cold weather arrives...

and you ache all over, and have a sore throat?

Do you look at all the things that need to be done...
shrug, and realize they will have to wait until you feel well again?


Do you force yourself to do stuff anyway?

Yesterday I did the wrong thing...

I decided to clean my hairy freezer,
even though I didn't feel very well.

Big mistake!

Because today I feel worse.

So as I sit here...
huddled under my quilt, starring out the window...

... listing in my head all the things that need be done
before the rain comes in...

I spy these lovely web designs, created by very artsy little spiders.
They come by night and spin up a storm.
By day I clean them away...
...but here they are again.

Maybe I'll let the them do my Halloween decorating!
They do a pretty good job, don't you think?

So, I cleaned my hairy freezer...

That was yesterday...

Today I sit here... sick - er.

I hate this job...
I don't know what possessed me to do it when I knew better.

(I'm just sure you love seeing my ugly frosty freezer, right?! LOL)

Pots of hot water to make it thaw faster...
Ice turned to water... dripping all over...

Everything inside it - goes outside to stay cold as possible.

But at least the job is done!

Pumpkins sit, ready to carve for Halloween.

I've learned my lesson...
The rest of the jobs will have to wait until I'm over this cold.

Until then, I think I'll go pull out a few of my favorite "chick flicks"

A few come to mind:

Pride and Prejudice
Sense and Sensibility
Dances with Wolves
The Patriot
Sleepless in Seattle
French Kiss
A Good Year
...the list is too long.
(hopefully this cold won't last so long
that I could watch all of them!)

...and for the Halloween spirit
Practical Magic
Sleepy Hollow

And I think, a cup of hot tea.

If I'm very very good...
I can get back to work... soon!

Do you have a favorite "chick flick" or two?

~Stay well~


  1. G'day there Vicki...so sorry to hear you under the weather...if you have a look at my other blog...under labels...then remedies...there is a recipe there for Flu Juice...it really does work...so have a go if you can!!!
    Haven't we all done this when thinking I'll be right and then end up worse...I really do believe in rest when not well...but hard to do in reality!!!
    Enjoy your chick flicks...they sound wonderful...and a new favourite of mine would have to be Julie & Julia...I saw it again yesterday!!!
    Oh well...at least you can take the opportunity now to snuggle under and watch these very enjoyable flicks of yours!!! Wish I could pop over and dose you up with some Gluhwein...Love to you and take care, Dzintra♥x

  2. So sorry you are under the weather. Bundle up, drink lots of fluids, sleep ... and with luck, you will be better soon!

    BTW, nice looking clean freezer :) Reminded me that ours needs attention too but luckily it is tiny and Phil does the work.

  3. Dear Vicki..relax. pamper. sip tea. cuddle under comfy quilts.watch spider web their art.watch your girly movies. look at the beauty that you have out your window..all tonics for healing! I know this to be the way..as I do the same as I fight this cancer. When it's not raining or cold outside I go for nature walks..but YOU stay put inside and get better!
    I appreciated your encouraging words that you left me at my own blog!
    Sending healing light your way. hugs aNNa

  4. ours needs attention too but luckily it is tiny and Phil does the work. Work from home India