Saturday, October 3, 2009

Just in time for the Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon will fill the sky tonight,
and my bit-o-earth which has produced
in good abundance this year
is pretty much done.

Only jack-o-lantern pumpkins still sit in the garden
waiting to turn totally orange.

I am thankful~

This week the last of the crops were brought in..
the fruits & vegetables,

Apples and pears are dried in the food dehydrator
and made into pies and canned sauces.

And the herbs
Lavender, Basil, Thyme, Oregano, Parsley... and more
are dried and in bottles for winter soups and stews.

Its almost time to put the garden to bed...
but before that,
my favorite holiday is approaching
and I plan to decorate the garden
for Halloween.
Last year, things got in the way,
but the year before we had a party
and here are a few of the attendee's!
My neighbors brought their kids ...
who each went home with their pick-o-pumpkins!


  1. Now that looks like fun, making a scarecrow out of pumpkins! I'm really getting in the Fall mood now. Thanks for your visit to my blog, as far as Anthropologie, I'm more into the home goods which I would love to fill my house with from ceiling to floor - their clothes are mighty cute though too if I was 20 something. We can always dream. Happy weekend, your family's beautiful. ~Tracie

  2. Oh Vicki I want to come over!!! I love pumpkins...and isn't there a song Harvest Moon (probably there are many) by Neil I have to go and look for it!!! My little orange thyme that I bought is doing really well and I am so happy about it!!! The lady at the nursery said she'll make me a gardener yet...Happy Harvest to you all...Love Dzintra♥x

  3. what a happy and fun crew!

    the fruit trees sound lovely. i adore pears. i'm always tempted to pick one from neighbor's trees on walks. question, if the tree is on the edge of their property and you don't have to step on their lawn...what's the etiquette? oh, and there are pears littering the ground...

  4. Vicki...JoJo has found that music for me...Harvet Moon by Neil Young...playing it now...Thinking of your Harvest...Dzintra♥x