Monday, October 26, 2009

Its Pumpkin Time

Come take a walk with me...

...up the hill to a place behind our house,

Crystal Bay Farms

Our neighbor's Organic Farm

There's lots to see and eat!

Meet Farmer Jeff

and Farmgirl Lori
Have a bowl of Lori's specially brewed pumpkin soup!
Mmm Mmm good!

Grab a wagon!

There are pumpkins enough for all!

WATCH OUT for the SCARY THINGS though!
You never know when one will show up can toss em aside...
IF you're not to scared!

Guard your stash!

Because there are lots of scary characters out there...
who might just try to take it!

Be sure and look at all the booths and wares!
You never know if something just might fit very well
into the Christmas stocking
of a cute little red-haired granddaugher! (:

Halloween at Crystal Bay Farms is a blast!

Scary film night for the neighborhood
8:00 pm sharp

And elsewhere
in a town waaaay too far away from her Nami (that's me)

A little red-haired Bumble Bee hunts
for just the right pumpkins to take home,
and turn into jack-o-lanterns!
~Wish I could be there~


  1. Oh, what fun! What a happy time of year, big orange pumpkins and cute smiles! Your granddaughter is just adorable!

  2. Great fall pumpkins and that sweet little "bee person."

  3. I have thoroughly enjoyed your walk Vicki...and look at all those pumpkins just waiting!!! Crystal Bay Farms has a namesake over here...Crystal Bay Prawns, but this is not near us!!! What a cute little red haired bumble won't be too long now till you see her...Happy Halloween to you, Dzintra♥x

  4. is there a websit where you can buy the pendants you showed us?!?! is the maker on etsy?!?

    looks like a ton of fun. we still need to get our pumpkins to carve on friday.

  5. Hi there, I came here via Dizinta's blog, what wonderful pumpkins and your photos are beautiful. Hugs xxx

  6. That little red-headed bumble is adorable.
    And pumpkin soup sounds yummy... did you convince the chef to share her recipe?
    Happy Halloween and enjoy the weekend.

  7. Your posts always make me feel good inside. You have a very unique talent for making the usual, mundane, regular, normal, everyday sights and sounds extra special and heart warming.
    I thank you so much for that!

  8. What a sweet little bee bumbling amongst the pumpkins!
    I miss October already. It's such a wonderful month.