Friday, November 13, 2009

Old Friends

Hello blogging friends~

This a a post about Friends,

and all the silly, wonderful, happy, serious, real and perfectness about the subject of best friends for life! This week two of our best friends popped in for a visit! We are a pact of 6 friends ... 3 girls & 3 boys. Three couples ...who have worked and lived and raised our 8 kids together... that would be 3, 3 and 2 kids for 3 couples... starting about 30 years ago.

Wow, does that sound old?! Yes... and No.

Let me explain...

When I was a kid I watched my parents in their friendships, and thought of them as "old." I thought they were supposed to "be" old and "act" old. You know... be responsible and all. And they were all that, but as I've gotten "older" my attitude has definitely changed. I realize acting old only means that if you are "old" you act responsibly in life. You act in truth and with trust. But that doesn't mean you can't act like kids sometimes. You can be an adult, but act like the kid you feel like you are ... well, at least I feel like a kid in my mind ... especially when old friends are around.

In fact, in my mind, I still think "young... like 20-something" about myself. Yeah, I lie to myself. Its amazing how, the older you get, the younger old is! Maybe not according to my kids... but you know, time is relative.

So we had two of our best friends pop in for a visit this week. We have two sets of couple-friends, who have been our friends for (should I say this! Yikes! Its too much reality for me!) THIRTY YEARS... yes, 30 - that's THREE OH! We are friends through thick and thin. We all know that we will always be best friends until we die. At this point in life nothing's going to mess that up.

So I was thinking about it. What does being "best friends" for soooo many years really mean?

Well... it means

1. You love eachother's kids and pets, and you'd do anything to help any of them

2. You confide in eachother, knowing for certain that it will go no further... no gossip, no guessing... only trust.

2. You act like silly kids even though you're 30 years older!

3. You trust eachother implicitly, because heck, you've been through thick and thin throughout
enough years to know that they would never hurt you.

4. You'd do anything within your power to help and support them, because you know without a doubt that they'd do the same for you.

5. You know that 30 years from now, nothing will change ... except the lines and wrinkles, maybe the lack of a little hair or a pooch in the mid-section here and there ... but the heart, soul and love will be the same.

6. You can play silly practical jokes on eachother AND eachother's spouses, because you know that there is no guessing or distrust at any time about where the relationships lie... even if they kinda look X-rated! (Uh, yes... the girls usually win by grabbing the seat first... not because the men are gentlemanly or anything. They aren't! They will fight you over the outhouse!)

7. You visit eachother, no matter where in the world you each live... even if some of you live in Australia and the others live 600 miles away to the north or south.

(even if some of you are heathier than the others,
and decide to show off by walking further!)

8. You do fun active stuff together, and always will, even if you're all in wheelchairs one day

9. You huddle together, hug, love and care... forever and ever, til death do you part!

Make friends, and be sure to keep them ... ALWAYS!


  1. Dear Vicki,
    What an absolutely delightful post...heartwarming and ever so true. Friends are truly the balm to our souls.
    Hope you are having a lovely evening.

  2. this just makes my heart sing as i think of my dearest friends.

  3. Oh Vicki what a wonderful post...just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy reading about your very special friendship with your friends!!! And how true it is the older we get the younger old is LOL!!!How cool it is that you can visit each other across the miles...and I love how your friends just popped in♥ What a surprise that must've been for you. I loved your felt like I was trailing along with you all!!! There is nothing like cherishing our friendships...Much Love to you, Dzintra♥x

  4. What a beautiful post. My husband and I are a solitary couple and while we have friends, we don't have many relationships like these photos show. How blessed you all are.

    (By the way, I found you from a comment on Jean B's blog)-Susan

  5. Wow this is a beautiful post, and every word of it rings true, and brings a smile to my face.
    Warmest hugs
    Lynn xxx

  6. True friends, old friends with long histories together are so few and so precious. I lost my best friend (of 60 years)two years ago and she left a huge hole in my heart and I miss her unconditional love every day. The second in line (51 years) is pretty good but nowhere near as unconditional or comforting. There are also many acquaintances but as you so eloquently posted, the true friends are diamonds!

  7. It is a wonderful gift to have friends long enough to share a life with and grow old together. I have several I've known for 30+ years and how I treasure them! I also feel the same about my pets who have shared so much with me and our family..They go to their graves keeping all those secrets..yes having friends is a gift.
    Thank you Vicki for chosing to be my cyber friend supporter and spirit angel!
    hugs Anna xo