Thursday, November 19, 2009

So many blogging friends have become dear to me.
We meet serendipitously via the unseen magical threads
formed by the unfathomable number of 1's & 0's
through this amazing internet of ours.

Its a magic web...
spun around this globe of ours...
which carries our best wishes, our words, our hearts,
our dreams and hopes...

back and forth to each other,
criss-crossing many times each day,
until each message reaches its intended owner.

The women I've met since beginning my blog
just 10 short months ago are amazing to me.
I 've discovered that I have friends from all over the USA,
Australia, Canada, France, England...
Netherlands, Marrakesh, Sweden...
Oh, I can't name all the corners,
the list is too long.

Not long ago I met Anna
An amazing, strong, and cheerful girl!
I go to her blog... thinking to lend a little support,
but I always come away with the opposite...
having received her support instead!
How does that happen?
I don't know, but its magic!

Anna has "the touch"
she's a wonderful photographer and wordsmith.
I share a common interest with her...
a love for the Language of Flowers.
Did you know that flowers have a language all their own?

They do...
and so today I am sending a little bouquet from my garden
(via this magical thread of 1's & 0's)

to Anna

If I could walk across the way and hand it to you myself Anna,
I certainly would!
But since you live in Ontario, Canada
and I live in California, USA
it will have to be a "virtual bouquet"
(though it sits in real life on my dinning table)

To Anna
with a big Hug of Support
as you move ahead in strength and peace!

Feverfew - for "Protection"

Calla Lily - for the "Magnificent Beauty"
of your generous spirit!

Lemon Balm - that "Brings Love"

Lemon - for the "Zest" in your life!

Fern - for the "Sincerity" of friendship

Wormwood - for "Tranquility & Happiness"
which you have in abundance!

Mint - especially for "Protection from illness"
& for "Warmth of feeling"

Iris - for all the "Faith, Hope, Wisdom and Valor"
that you have in your heart

Red Rose - for all that is "Pure and Lovely"

And to all my blogging friends,

Tattered Wings
If per chance you find that your wings feel a bit tattered today,
be assured...
and take pride in the fact,
that this is because of their vigorous use!

They have not sat idly on your back,
or been protected from the ravages of the wind.

No, they've carried you safely through life thus far,
the shimmering evidence of life's best activities.

They've been exercised against stiff winds,
and carried you past to the safety of gentle breezes.

They've been tinged by the heat of a flame here and there,
that you may have grazed on your way home.

Their ragged edges are the vestiges of time well spent...
helping and being involved with others...

a token of a busy life.

Wear them proudly
Wrap them around you
Snuggle against them

They carry you onward,
made stronger each day by use
always more use~


  1. Vicki, I'll always remember this post. Thank you. xx

  2. Oh Vicki what a beautiful post...and such a lovely tribute to your Friend Anna...Your really do have a way with words Vicki!!! And those gorgeous tattered wings...I will take pride in wearing them...Thank You dear Friend♥ Would you mind if I put them on my sidebar? It's sweltering over here, but you know what...I love it...Have a wonderful weekend...Love to you, Dzintra♥x

  3. Hi Vicki
    I found you thru Susan's Walk in the Park blog.
    You are a true creative writer, making us think by the insight in your words, like the magic threads that bind us altogether around the globe thru this blogging as you say.
    I wish I could have said it so well..I think blogging is a wonderful thinga nd a nice way to meet and learn from others around the world, and I am glad I am here to be a recipient of your beautiful words.
    Be back soon love and best wishes

  4. Talk about a wordsmith... that would be YOU sweet friend! Lovely post from a lovely person. I hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving :)


  5. Vicki,
    That was just beautiful, your an awesome writer! Thank-you so much for your kind comments they really touched my heart! Cindy

  6. Vicki this beautiful bouquet of words and flowers are salve for my heart.In moments of fragility and vulnerablity I count myself blessed in having cyber friends near and far and in reading this post you have made my day a happy song!I am deeply touched, thank are a spirit angel..
    love and light aNNa xo

  7. Such a lovely entry.

    And how pretty your blog looks.

    And... You have a red headed Grand! We do too! And guess what? Her name is also Sophia! But she is now 16 years old. No longer the little one, which your Sophia is. Enjoy all the coming years. :-)

    Aunt Amelia

  8. It is so nice to see some colour here on this grey November day. Thank you for this little spot of sunshine. You have beautiful wings.

  9. This is such a beautiful post, I love the words about the tattered wings.

    xx Coty

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