Sunday, November 8, 2009

Words just get in the way...

I won't bore you with words to describe this sunset.

You wouldn't be interested in anything I could say.

Words defy description anyway...

I can tell you that I raced for my camera though...

after all photos were snapped (and these are but a tini tiny few of them)

I just sat in the garden and basked in the gold of it all.

Happy Autumn dear friends~

And let me acquaint you with my old buddy, Paws
If I'm out in the garden, so is he.
Too old to hold his ground with other animals anymore,
he prefers the safety of us humans now.

A little story about how we found eachother.

We had lost our kitty to the coyotes,
and my boys were so sad.
They wanted a new kitty,
so I decided to look at the animal shelter.
There are so many animals without homes...
Why not give one a home where it will be loved?
I didn't allow the kids to come with me...
If they had, we'd have come home with at least several cats.

As I walked into the room,
the attendant informed me that
there were 127 kittens waiting for homes that day.

How do you choose a kitten from 127 of them!?

The room was set up as a round-about,
with cages stacked to 6 ft. high along all the walls,
and a section as high in the middle.

The very first kitten I saw was creamy white,
...about 3 months old with piercing blue eyes,
rings on his tail,
and chocolate brown pads on his paws...

But those weren't his best features.
As I approached his cage, he reached both front paws out toward me
as if to draw me to him.

You can imagine that it was love at first sight.
But I felt it only fair to at least look at the other kittens.

I couldn't keep my mind off that one though.
I could hear his calls as I walked around the room...

And when I came back, there he was still...
Pulling me in with his chocolate browns.
Choose ME! Choose ME! PLEEEEASE!

I did...
And he came home 16 years ago
His name would be "Paws"
for those soft chocolate pads.

And he would live happily ever after...
The MOST spoiled cat in the world!
And the love of our lives (:

Live on dear Paws!
You enchant us still


  1. Your photos are breathtaking and your views so picturesque....what a blessing to live in the beautiful spot you makes me think of the lines "OH beautiful, for spacious skies..."

    And about your kitty, ours (all of them!) have pulled us in, too and they are each so distinct in personalities. Our favorite one so far was the one we got when the kids were little and she lived and loved us for eighteen years....she was Sugar Pie. Paws is beautiful and looks so wise!

  2. Hi Vicki...I'm sure your words would not have bored me...I love how you put them together...What a stunning stunning post...and such beautiful pics...just amazing!!! Paws is adorable...those beautiful blue eyes!!! Happy Autumn to you Vicki across the miles...whilst we here are enjoying a beautiful 'salty blue day'!!! Take Care...Love to you, Dzintra♥x

  3. You have said a thousand beautiful things with your photos. Your "silence" is magical :)

  4. He is a beautiful cat... those eyes say there must be Siamese somewhere in his background.
    The sunsets are lovely... the one with the wheelbarrow would make a fantastic postcard.

  5. Beautiful pictures as always!
    And what a wonderful old cat. He reminds me of my kitty from many years ago: Alexander. He was also a beautiful Siamese mix with a fantastic and gentle spirit...........