Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Boo Hoo

Well, wouldn't ya know it.
I took a memory-card full of photos of our Halloween party...
which turned out to be corrupt,
and I lost all the photos on that card!
Boo Hoo!

"...no use crying over spilt milk..."
as my grandma would say.

I did manage to get a couple of photos
of a witch and a character from Kiss
(from the other memory-card)

Here they are...
handsome characters?

That's it!
All my photos of the food, party and decorations... gone

Last post I asked if anyone cared to guess how much
our biggest pumpkin weighed.
Dzintra was the only one who dared,
and so she WON! LOL
The pumpkin weighed in at 267 lbs.

Congratulations Dzintra!
This silly little handmade button bracelet
from the party up at Crystal Bay Farm is on its way to you.

Now that all the Halloween fun is over,
its time to clean up the garden tools for winter.

I never thought I'd say this...
but now I know why my dad used to badger
us kids to keep things cleaned up and put way!
I used to get so mad at him for being so mean,
and making us work so hard!
He never let us kids slack.

I swore I'd never be so tough on my kids...

Well, guess what?

I find myself eating alot of words as I get older! LOL!
Now I know why he was such a stickler about things!
Who can afford to buy new ones every year?
Not me!

So, I'm afraid I've turned into my dad...
or maybe I just got his genes...
but I clean everything up and put them away
so they'll last for many years.

And in the garden...
The second batch of broccoli and cabbage is ready,
and we're planting onions, chives and lettuce
for winter crops...
one of the nice things about living in a mild climate.
(Also more year-round work)

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Oh no Vicki how terrible...you must be so disappointed...but I do like yours and your Grandma's attitude...so right!!! I really admire your garden...wish I could pop in from time to time!!! And thank you for the little bracelet...I love it!!! I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween...we certainly did...and I would love to get a pumpkin next year to carve but will have to look into that...think Hubby will have to be involved!!! I'm off to classes today...wonder what Chef will have us cooking up today...Enjoy your Wednesday...Love to you, Dzintra♥x

  2. Here it is, November, and there are still yummy things growing in your garden...including 267 lb pumpkins!!!! That's a mighty big jack o lantern!

    I feel for you...one of my most dreaded thoughts...a corrupt card. Hold on tight to your memories!