Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chicken have come home to roost...

Hi friends!
Guess what?!

We have new family members!

... feathered ones...

These cute little gals arrived at the feedstore yesterday
We had put our name in for 6 baby chicks last month

Aren't they cute?

They don't stay fuzzy long...

Years ago, when the kids were young
we had chickens.

It was the kid's job to feed them,
gather eggs

and the most horrid job in the world - clean the coop!

We haven't had chickens for ages,
but we couldn't resist this year

We're looking forward to lovely
blue and green eggs,
These chicks are Americana's
... that means no coloring them for Easter

They'll never go into a pot,

...and it may sound a bit silly,
but chickens become pets to me

They'll all have names
and they'll help me keep bugs and slugs
under control in the garden.

Welcome Home Chickies!


  1. We've had them in the past, too and are thinking of getting them again this spring too. I love yours and I'm so happy for you!

  2. well hello to the girls! such lovely ladies they are sure to become.

  3. Well Vicki they are indeed such cute gals...reminds me of when we had little chicks back at the Post Office!!! I have never seen eggs that colour before...nor have I heard of Americana eggs!!! Will certainly save time colouring at Easter LOL...Enjoy your new home gals...Love Dzintra♥x

  4. Another perfect part to your living off the land...
    There is nothing like fresh eggs for breakfast and they make all the difference in cooking and baking too.
    I'll have toast with my scrabbled eggs please.
    Susan x

  5. Vicki How I would LoVe to raise neighbors I'm sure would make such a fuss..perhaps when I get my house in the woods..sigh. Lucky you!!

  6. Oh so cute they are! We had chickens at the farm too, and mom sold the eggs to the grocery store in our village. Where I live now, there are still common to have chickens, even in residencial areas, but it becomes less and less... I've seen white and brown eggs only. :)

  7. They are so cute and glad that they will not end up in the pot. My Aunt had a farm and it was sad for me to hear what happen to the animals later. I have never heard of those chickens either or see eggs that color.


  8. It will soon be Easter and I can see that you will not be short of eggs. I love those fluffy chicks, they are adorable.

  9. I remember as a kid getting colored baby chicks for Easter. We built a coop (we lived in town) and they were so cute until they grew into mean Roosters that chased me and my friends and we had to give them away. Their names...Doodle and Dandy. Thanks for the memory. Your chicks are so sweet. They will grow into lovely ladies.

  10. What beautiful Easter Eggers! My mother is going to start keeping chickens too, so I'll tell her to look for Americanas. They're such cute little chicks, and I'm sure they'll grow up to be handsome birds!

  11. Hi Vicki,I love little chicks. As I recall, they take a lot of care right now. I kept chickens years ago too. I hatched mine out in an incubator that my mom had and helped me with. I haven't kept chickens in years. I still oooh and ahhh at the feed store even now, but so far that's all hubs wants me to do. lol
    I love your blog.

  12. My neighbors have two chickens, and everytime I walk up the driveway I pass them soon as I say hello, they start talking to me. I just adore them!