Monday, February 15, 2010

Spring has sprung

You know that particular feel in the air,
when the sun suddenly seems brighter and warmer?
... when the air is warmer,
...the birds are louder,
...the bees are busier?

I love that feeling!

It arrived in my garden this past weekend

It called us,
... and we answered

Its our thing
the thing we do together,
the thing we share a big common interest.

See this little machine?
Its 20 years old February 14

it was my Valentines Gift all those years ago...
and its still humming along.

Thank you Valentine Man! (:

You could say its our hobby

And the side benefits:

*fresh air
*a feeling of accomplishment
*delicious organic food

Spring has sprung!


  1. Maybe if our snow ever melts, I'll see grass again. In the meantime, I'll share yours.

  2. Oh you tease us so with green grass and the earth ready for planting. We have that too, somewhere beneath the foot of snow.
    So in the meantime I shall watch the progress of you and your Honey creating your garden filled with the goodness Nature has to offer planted by love...
    Susan x

  3. Oh Vicki...Spring for you and definitely Autumn for wonderful the Sun is coming over to you to warm up your part of Earth!!! Already our mornings and evenings are darker and already I have lit some candles, can't resist that!!! Happy Gardening to you and your looking forward to what you have to show us this year...Love, Dzintra♥x

  4. There's nothing quite like the smell of freshly turned earth.