Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hello there

Its been a crazy busy few days
with the new babies~

We've had a ton of rain over the past few days,
but today the sun finally came out again.
I went out to check on the garden and greenhouse

The greenhouse was a nice toasty 85 degrees F,
and the tomatoes are looking great!

Since the baby chicks are doing so well now,
I decided it was warm enough to let them enjoy it

The second day after I picked up my baby chicks, I lost one.
It about broke my heart.
Some just don't get as good a start.
She's buried out by our dog, Jazz.
I called the feedstore,
and they told me they'd replace her, I went in to pick up the new one.
I saw that there would only be one baby left,
and I didn't want to leave her alone
so took her too...

Now I have 7 healthy babies,
so out to the warm greenhouse to catch a few bugs!

If I thought my children grew up fast,
its true,
they did...

...but nothing seems to show the growth
quite as fast as these little girls!

They are already looking teenager-y
They have little stick-up tail feathers
and are a bit gangily looking,

but still oh so cute!

They think I'm their Momma,

...and of course I kinda like it (:

They rush over to my hand to see what I have,
They aren't afraid to sit on my hand
or in my lap.

They're definitely going to be pets!


  1. What a great way to start the day and be greeted by such a crowd :0) Enjoy! xx

  2. ssooo CUTE! Wait until your little granddaughter gets to meet them! We're getting a new batch this spring...can't wait!!!

  3. Oh they're so adorable Vicki, I know you will make a fantastic mother to them. Sorry I haven't left a message for a while, it's not that I don't drop in or not think about you, I just get distracted all the time.

    I hope your well, I bet your looking forward to Spring in your garden.

    Sending lots of hugs,
    xxx Coty

  4. You gals are just so going to enjoy your new home!!! What fun you are all going to have...and I bet you get lots of nice food to eat too and make delicious eggs for the family...Have fun with your girls Vicki...Love Dzintra♥x

  5. The chicks have certainly grown...
    I come to visit for the beauty, the gentleness of words, a shared passion for a love of the Earth and to suffer as you write it is to be 85 in the greenhouse.
    Ours is to be covered in 6-8 inches of snow by nightfall.
    Susan x

  6. what fun. our neighbors have chickens and every time i walk by i call out, "hello ladies!" and they call cluck back.

  7. They have grown that much already! I can "hear" them greet you in the mornings! Have fun together!

  8. These sweet chicks are adorable. What a lovely way to begin each day. So glad you found my blog and stopped by. This is what I so enjoy about this community, we all find each other eventually. I see you also have an affection for mermaids by your header. Lovely by the way. Will stop in again. Blessings. Sea Witch

  9. Could anything be more adorable than that!?!?! I wish I could have a wee little chick as a pet. If only they stayed that small. :)