Friday, February 12, 2010

~Happy Valentines Day & A Happy Surprize~

I met my Valentine
on Valentines Day
30-some years ago

He was tall
...with red hair

He drove in to my Dad's ranch in a big truck

He was looking for hay

He played the guitar
and sang love songs

Who could resist?
Certainly not I!

Happy Valentines Day
my wonderful man!

I'm a terrible pack-rat

... a collector of too many things...

One of my collections includes

Vintage Childlife Magazines

Any printed before 1930
by Rand McNally & Co.

Here's a little Valentine Wish to each of you

A little Valentines Day Dessert

It was a long and difficult day today

I drove into the drive,
and checked the mailbox...

I found a sweet surprize
from my dear friend Dzintra!

Did she know how I love bees?

I'm not sure I've ever told her how I love them,

but there in my mailbox was this sweet surprize!

A small notebook
With a BEE on it!

Though I'm not a Bee-Keeper (Yet)...

I collect vintage Bee publications

I'm studying how to keep Bees...

I try to save them,
if I see them floundering on the beach

I've never once been stung by one,
though I handle them all the time.

I work among them in my garden
I love to hear their merry humming

I plant flowers that they love,
to thank them for their hard work

Without them, humans could not exist

~Thank you Dzintra~
For the sweet gift!
You made me smile,
and you made my day!

I plan to spend my Valentine's Day
with my Valentine man!

How about you...
Do you have a Valentine?


  1. i do. we plan on spening the first bit of valentine's day in an airplane heading to arizona. then, the rest of the day will be spent with his family. :) i feel blessed to be part of his family so it is a fabulous way for me to spend that day of days.

  2. Some things are meant to be, right? He just walked into your life, just like that. Beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful Valentine! (love your collections and your Bee gift)xx

  3. We plan on spending the day watching movies and just relaxing together.

    That gift was so nice and lovely from your friend.

    The couple in the picture, is that you and hubby? Lovely picture.

    Thanks for the comments about my basket. I too have so many projects half done and plan to finish more this year.


  4. How romantic is that?! We don't really celebrate Valentine's Day - such a day should be celebrated every day. No plans, perhaps watch "Gone with the Wind". :)
    Love your collections!

  5. Happy Valtentine's Day Vicki with your Valentine Man!!! What a wonderful way to meet each other!!!
    When I saw this little book I said to myself that's for Vicki...not realizing you loved bees...From one packrat to another...Have a beautiful day...Much Love Dzintra♥x

  6. Simply a Bee-utiful post! Wishing you and your sweetie a Happy Valentines's Day!Oh such a Love story!sigh.
    Love the mosiac and the bee book..
    I do all that I can to help out the bees by planting lots of color in the garden!
    I follow them as they buzz favorite is the bumble bee!
    Roses chocolates and a forever LoVe here at my end!

  7. My first love drove a big old dirty green pick up truck. What is it about trucks and great guys? Is it the cowboy mystique, even though most are not cowboys?

    lovely buzz on out to the garden :-0