Friday, March 26, 2010

Angels come with red hair~

I hope I don't bore you too much...


We just spent a wonderful week in Oregon
with our Son, DIL and grandbaby,
and I just have to put a few pics of Sophia up.

I don't think I have a single photo without her in it! (:

Sophie turns 2 years old on April 1,
but we celebrated early
since baby brother will be born near that date.

Here she is in her new dress

She is now calling me Mee-Mee...
I have no clue why,
but I'll take it!

Playing with Popi

Every child, grandchild, and now great-grandchild
is introduced to Papa's (my dad) pride and joy,
the John Deere

Momma removes a sliver

and saves her from the scary Daddy monster (o;

~Have a great weekend~


  1. Where do I start...Sophie is adorable...I am partial to redheads..being one myself..and guess what?..just met my sons new girlfriend tonight...redhead!...Oh and my mother is referred to by all 9 grandchildren as...Meme!!...wait I forgot another stepdaughter lives in Portland...and she is(last time I checked)...redhead!

  2. There's no doubt, angels do come with red hair! She is so beautiful and the outfit looked just perfect. Great job Vicki! Have a great weekend xx

  3. Hi Vicki...your Sophie is just stunning, all that beautiful hair...Wow!!! Angels to indeed come with red hair!!!The outfit looks fantastic...I bet you all had a ball celebrating!!! Enjoy your weekend and I hope you are having some glorious weather Up Over...just as we are Down Under...Much Love, Dzintra♥x

  4. Sophie is just the most adorable little poppet. The outfit you made her is sooo cute and it looks lovely with her hair colouring.
    I see you giving her Peeps too, the sure fire way to a child's heart with candy (and of course all the love you have to share).
    Enjoy every minute for before you know it she'll be a young lass and another will have become the newest grand-baby...
    Susan x

  5. I can't stop looking at her; she's so beautiful! And that red hair! Beautiful! The dress you made for her suits her perfect!
    I'm a redhead too, but the color has faded in the strong sun here. My granddad and his brother were real redheads! :)

  6. how very sweet. glad you had a wonderful time. the dress is perfect!! :)

  7. Adorable Vicki! I also have red heads in the family//My son and his daughter. Red heads are special!love and light anna xo

  8. Oh my ~ such a sweet red haired little girl! She looks like sunshine and daisies all wrapped up into one wee package ~ you are one lucky 'mee mee'! :)

  9. Vicki, Sofie is such a little beauty! Does she ever look darling in her new dress. I'm sure she was thrilled to get that. I just can't get over how wonderful grandchildren are. They are like rewards...rewards for becoming mothers ourselves.
    Your pictures are amazing.