Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

~Thank you Mom~

Thank you for your tireless devotion to three generations;
to me
to my sons
and to my grandchildren~

Thank you for your cheerfulness,
even though I now know you were more often exhausted

Thank you for being a stay-at-home Mom,
even though I know the budget was always tight,
because raising 4 children with only one parent working
was a strain (to say the least)
It meant the world to me and the others,
though we didn't realize it until years later
when we had our own families.

Thank you for teaching us
to be kind
to share
to help others
to be responsible
to be accountable
and to be thankful

Thank you for always being there
when life hurt
from the innocent little hurts
to the big and heart-breaking ones.

Thank you for giving, and giving, and giving...
to this very day~

Happy Mother's Day
~I love you Mom~


  1. So true--the giving and giving. We never realized how much until we were Moms too. So true the comment about being exhausted. My Mom and especially my Mother-in-law were wonderful at being so glad to see us--no matter the circumstances. Happy Mother's Day! You have a lovely family.

  2. Such wonderful words Vicki! There is just not enough words to thank our mothers for their love and care of us. And how wonderful that your grandchildren get to know their great-grandmother!

    Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!
    xo Catherine

  3. Beautiful post Vicki. Hope you had a great Mother's Day xx

  4. Such wonderful words Vicki. Yes, it takes years before we realize what a mother does for her kids. Hope you had a wonderful day.