Sunday, May 30, 2010


I have been feeling a bit sorry for myself lately
As winter slid into spring
the weather warmed,
though its been a rainier cooler year all round

...I had dreams of a leisurely spring
of planning out my garden,
days in the sun...

You know that dream?

Unfortunately this has remained just a dream.
The reality is that there's never enough time in the day
to accomplish the things I love to do,
let alone the things that have to be done.

The mad dash starts early each morning
and goes until late in the evening.

...the current job keeps money coming in,
but is demanding and time consuming

...the comings and goings of the household,

...the never-ending household up-keep,
laundry, cleaning, meals, dishes health and losses

I know I'm not alone here,
and really, this is not meant to be a grumble session in any way!

But its easy, when life's demands get hectic
to lose sight of what's real,
and of what brings happiness.

We have to look for those things in every moment of every day

I haven't had time to read my emails and peruse your blogs,
a thing I love doing!

I find myself wonder if anyone will actually remember me
when I do show up.

Then last evening afforded me a precious few moments
to reconnect, read emails and blogs...

I found an email from my friend Coty at Styling by Coty Farquar
She said she there was an award for me at her blog,
so I went to check it out, and here is what it said...

'This is an award is for those who are brave enough to expose

just enough to reach, touch, and possibly help someone

else to see something differently.

and I pass this award on to

Vicki at Vicki's bit of Earth

for being true to herself!

And just at a time when I was thinking to myself
that I was anything but "true to myself" right now.

Thank you Coty~
Suddenly I was reminded that every day
I must consciously remind myself to enjoy every breathing moment.

The job will end, having given me money to spend on my grandbabies!

The house will still need attention every day,
so take joy in the fact that I have the health to do it!

Be thankful for friends,
that encourage me to stay true to myself!

So today I've been fortunate enough to have a little time to myself
and here is what I've with the time...

And now I'm passing this lovely award on to

Dzintra at Queen of the Armchair
for her real and tireless devotion to her family
and to her blogging friends!

To Susan at Miss Maddie's
for her words of encouragement
and always showing the real beauty in all of life

Jaime at Rayne
for her amazing photos and thoughtful words about real life

June at Laughing With Angels

for touching us with her words and images of her beautiful life

Astrid at Grandma's Red Stitches
for sharing her beautiful work with fabric and thread

Shannon at Our World
for making me laugh and for being a loyal friend to those she loves

Alina at The Purple Caravan
for her honest and thoughtful words that never fail to lift my spirits
and provoke thoughts about life

There are so many more I could add to this list
of people I appreciate for being "Real"
Wish I could list you all!

Thank you all
for coming into my life~


The local small Flea Market

This little beauty is a covered vegetable bowl
by Homer Laughlin - Virginia Fluffy Rose design
Years ago my grandmother divided what was left of her
wedding china between me and my sister.
We each got 6 dinner plates, 6 salad plates and 2 cups

I've looked up replacement pieces, and all are fairly expensive,
so I've not really bought any...
until now!
This little lovely was only $3.00!
Don't you just love it when you find things like that?

Crock Pot & two screens
I've never made my own sauerkraut before,
and the cabbages are ready
so when I saw this lovely 5 gallon crock,
I nabbed it for $10.00!

And the screens...
I'm not even sure what they're called,
but I have an experiment going in the garden...
I'm experimenting with growing my own,
and according to the how-to's,
I will have to thresh the tiny seeds out of the seed heads...
I think these screens will do the job just fine!
And can't beat $3.00 each, right?

Here are the baby Cumin plants...
We'll see how they grown!

This morning the sun was sparkling on my garden
I just had to take a pic of it

I hung Chamomile up to dry...
I'm thinking tea for next winter!
Here its growing...

and here it hangs to dry

Raspberries are coming on!

Basil and Italian Flat leaf Parsley

The first tomatoes will be ready for harvest soon...
we're all watching intently,
and imagining that wonderful flavor!
There's nothing so good as home grown tomatoes!

The Topsy Turvey Tomatoes are doing great!
I love this little experiment so far...
in fact I may go get a few more of them.

Pickling Cucumbers and lettuce will be ready to plant out this week

Flowers will be ready to plant out soon too

And the flowers in front of the greenhouse are in full swing

Last, but not least.... bear with me here!

The girls are just too cute!
Hana and Putt-Putt are full grown,
and should be laying eggs soon...

They still think they are people (:

The little girls are about half grown

Funny thing...
I thought I'd be the only one who loves them,
but it appears that hubby loves them too.


  1. Such a nice post to catch up with you and what you've been up to! I love all your photos, your crock and your screens are smart buys, you are such a farmer! I love it! And your chickens have grown so fast, you'll be enjoying their eggs soon! What fun....glad you're back and enjoying it, you are very deserving of your bloggie awards, Vickie!

  2. That award is a two way deal you know, for though we are separated by many miles there are those of us that share a kinship or perhaps an outlook on life that has been transformed by our finding one another out here amongst the many, many blogs...
    Love all the photos and the sharing of your day.
    Susan x
    PS I think those screens are for the making of cheese and are part of a cheese box into which the big wheels of cheese were placed.Could be wrong and you could always use them for panning for gold.

  3. Aw, thanks. :) I have always gained inspiration from your posts. Not only the gardening ones...

    I have hit a funk with our garden this year, sadly. We planted things and as soon as sprouts started emerging some pest nibbled them all the way to the ground. The lettuce, spinach, walla walla onions and potatoes are all safe, but the rest have all be nibbled. The tomato and peppers are also being eaten by something. And it's rained for I have no idea how many days straight (with no end in sight).

    Funks are okay, they remind us how good we do have it most of the time.

    Cheers to you, Vicki! Hello to the ladies, too! :)

  4. My dear Vicki, first I want to thank you for thinking of me and sharing this very special Award. Please visit my Blog and look at my post of May 11th. There is something there for you (I guess you have been so busy you did not have a chance to read the comment I left on your Blog around that same date) Anyway, hope you enjoy it :0) Love your garden (can't believe how big it is!) your lovely treasures and the chics! Hope you are feeling better, remember to try and find joy in your many blessings xo

  5. Dearest Vicki, I'm so touched! Thank you so very much for thinking of me when sharing this wonderful award! I love every post you do, love to learn about your life, your family, your garden, your 'girls' etc. Lovely garden with all its yummy vegetables, berries, flowers etc. Lovely treasures from the flea market! Do take good care, and don't forget the 'me-moments'. :)

  6. Vicki as I was reading the beginning of your post I was thinking,' Vicki knows just how I've been feeling'. I am feeling just a little overwhelmed by what I should be getting done and the reality is that I'm not even coming close. So I was glad to hear that I am not the only one...misery loves company, ya know!hehe
    You are so sweet to think that I am any kind of inspiration. Thank really means so much to me.
    The pictures of your garden and all your plants are stunning. I felt as though you were showing me around your lovely place. I love that feeling...the feeling that if I stumbled upon your place I would say 'Oh Vicki lives here'. And then I would see Hana and Putt Putt and KNOW that I was here.
    hugs to you!

  7. Sweet Vicki ~ I am having the same dream as you ~ sunny days and spending time in my garden. Lack of time and lack of sunshine are raining on that dream of mine! :(

    Congratulations on your award!

    What lovely girls Hana and Putt-Putt have turned out to be! How could your hubby help but not grow to love them as well ~ they are adorable! How fun when they start laying eggs!

    Keep care friend!
    xo Catherine

  8. Oh Vicki what a post!!! How inspiring are you with all this even though you have been feeling sorry for yourself...Never let go of that dream!!! Look at Hana and Putt-Putt all grown up...these gals must be ready to lay soon...
    Congratulations on receiving this Award Vicki...and thank you so much for passing it on to me!!!
    And wow look at your purchases from the Flea!!!
    Oh Vicki that garden of yours is enough to spark up one's day...full of all that lovely raspberry...basil...parsley...tomatoes...cucumbers...I can smell it from here...I'm on my way (I wish)...Happy Gardening dear Vicki...Love, Dzintra♥x

  9. Oh my goodness...another award! For you and for me (and some other beautiful people too, of course)!! This one is lovely. Thank you.

    And I so know what you mean when you talk of being away and then wondering if anyone will remember you when you return...I worry about this all the time, as I come and go so often. But this blogging communitiy is so full of love and good is your GARDEN! GASP! Those raspberries! And tomatoes! Swoon.