Friday, May 21, 2010

Scenes of a busy life

The older I get,

the faster life goes.

Right now I'm dreaming of the day when I can

...putter in the garden allll day, every day

...sit and read a whole book in the sun

...walk down to the beach every single day

...go see my grandbabies any ol time I want

...sit for a whole half hour in a hot tub of water
and get all pruney.

but alas,
it seems these will remain a dream
at least for now.

I'll race off to work in the morning
back in the evening to make supper,
then grab a few minutes here and there
to complete mini-harvests from my garden...


I remain grateful for it all

Scenes from my Bit-o-Earth

~Today's Harvest~



And Oregano

This year's supply will be hung to dry
and stored is a glass jar
How about you?
Do you have time for all you wish to do?

Have a great weekend dear friends!


  1. Oh Vicki ~ my thoughts exactly!!! Never enough time to do the things I want to do. Even with four days off this weekend I know I won't get all the things done that I want to do. least 10 more years until retirement so what's a gal to do! :)

    Have a Happy Day Vicki!
    xo Catherine

  2. mmmmm, your harvest looks tasty! :)

    i wish i had time to do all i wanted to do, but alas not quite yet.

    currently i am living vicariously through my retired parents who are traveling as i type.

  3. I don't have a job - except at home - but still I don't seem to have time for a lot of things, just have to give priority. How wonderful had it been to sit a full day stitching on the verandah?! :)
    Lovely garden and harvests, Vicki. I know that's a lot of hard work, never free time. I've finally transferred the leeks to another place, and they are so happy! :) I'm not good at growing vegetables, and the 'problem' here is the soil; hard as rock when it's dry, like clay (sticky) when wet. It needs a lot of preparations - if I want a nice vegetable garden. :)

  4. Oh Vicki I'm lovin' your bit-o-earth here!!! Also your words about being grateful for all of very very fitting...reminds me as you be grateful even amongst our busy times...Enjoy Life Dear Vicki in the Big Up Over...with love from Down Under, Dzintra♥x

  5. Oh Vicki, I would definitely like more hours in my day.
    Your garden looks beautiful and I think I can smell that oregano clear over here. What a wonderful harvest you had.

  6. But as the saying goes you must always stop to smell the roses.
    All that produce looks so yummy... broccoli soup is one of my favs you and D doing a cookup soon?
    Susan x

  7. It looks like you do amazingly with the time you have! Wonderful garden gatherings!

  8. As I grow older I seem to be in a rush to do and feel things! Even though I get to stay home I still find the hours go by too quickly and I'm always trying to catch up. As usual, your photos are beautiful and so is your garden. It's always great to read your posts. XXX (love the new look :0)

  9. Hello Dearest Vicki! I left an award for you over at my blog. If you have had this one before or don't have time to do it (having the lovely weather and you being always such a busy gal...) not to worry! I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog!

    Have a lovely evening friend!
    xo Catherine