Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Its now the beginning of February, the time of year when things begin to grow in the garden. Its time to plant tomatoes into the greenhouse... and lettuce, broccoli, many herbs, and much more out in the garden.

The asparagus is up and the sweet violets are perfuming the air. Much needed rain is on its way to our bit-o-earth. The birds are trying to get their fill before it comes. California is in a drought and could use 15 inches of rain... not all at one time of course... but we are way behind in precipitation. Hopefully the next few days will help us in the catch-up game.

I could live in the garden. Every spare moment... that's where the family knows they'll find me. If no one answers the phone... Mom is in the garden. If I'm blue, or the news gets me down with its stories of a bad economy, prices for everything is going up and up, or I'm nervous about how we will make it... the garden is my relief. Out there, the birds go about their business, happily chirping as they follow behind me looking for a bug or worm... the sun still shines, the wind still blows, the waves still come ashore, and life goes on as if my worries don't matter much... and in the grand scheme of things, that's pretty much true.

So, I recollect myself, sweat out the stress as I rake and dig the earth and allow my brain to relax. I reassure myself that my small efforts to grow our own food, treat Mother Earth with respect (within my little realm) and doing my part where I can, does matter.

I take heart once again. Life is good. Every breath is a gift, and until my breath is gone I will do what I can... hopefully with a smile (:


  1. Hi Vicki...and welcome to blogland, I'm sure you will meet many lovely people out there...I too live near the beach and never tire of beach photos...Happy Blogging, Dzintra

  2. Hi Vicki! Lovely blog you have here. Your photos are just stunning!

    If you want to place your photos in with your words, here is what I do... Finish your post and upload the photos..then you can "click" on the photo and then cut and paste it where you want.

    Welcome to blogland...can't wait to read more of your posts!

  3. Thank you for the photo/word pointers Caroline! I've been struggling with that very problem.