Thursday, February 5, 2009

Luscious rain, and then a bit of sun at sunset

Morning brought a misty rain, a wonderful luscious rain to my bit-o-earth. I went out to feed my birds and slipped off the steps on the back deck... right onto my back. How does this happen? Easily I can tell you!

Most of the day I nursed my sore back and waited for the clouds to do their job. Toward evening the sun began to peek out from under the clouds. It made such perfect light that I had to play with it. There's nothing like evening sun to make colors leap through the aperture in just the right way.

I noticed that even though I planted my daffodil bulbs too late, they are coming up. I hope I didn't injure them too much. They need their roots to be thick and strong.

Then as I strolled through the upper garden I was shocked to see that a varmint of some kind was able to gnaw through my carefully placed gopher wire basket that was protecting my favorite Hypericum (St. John's Wort). This was a unique plant. First of all, my husband bought it for me on our Anniversary when we spent a weekend in a secluded Inn outside of Mendocino, CA. It had unique coloring... most Hypericum have bright yellow flowers... this one had yellowish-orangish flowers. Most have small seed pods, while this one had huge deep burgundy colored ones. That animal chewed through the wire and ate the entire large root... well, at least we know who won't be depressed anymore! Anyway, I salvaged a plate full of seeds the plant left for me as a farewell gift. I will attempt to plant them ... and hope I can actually do it, and that it will be as wonderful as its parent plant!

I had left my roll of twine sitting on a bench yesterday. Evidently a brilliant spider decided to spin a golden web from it... can you see?


  1. Hi Vicki...yes I see the cobweb...great shots!!! Now I know we have something in common...I fell up the steps this morning!!!

  2. On moonlit nights I watch and stare at the sky in its brilliant dress of twinkling stars, all that I collect is pure reverence of the immensity of our universe we subsist in. Interesting thought thou, wonder what your grandma meant by it, very curious to know. Your pictures are beautiful and I like the golden spider’s web and sand dollars as well…{working on a poem which deals partly with a spider’s web}. I adore collecting seashells; there are so many possibilities in creating art. My sea angel is one I am very proud of because it just happened when I was admiring the seashells. Nature gives us the inspiration. Thanks for your lovely visit and I enjoy visiting here very much. Beautiful blog.
    Hugs Annabelle

  3. You have me longing for spring!