Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This is my Sophia. It has been 61 days since I've been able to see and hold her. I have to be content with photos sent from my son and DIL until July when they will be here to visit for a week.

Its warm at Sophie's house. That means trips to the lake with Momma and Dadda. Quite the little beauty queen, wouldn't you say? I would..... (:

And here in her favorite dress. Why would I post the back of her head? Because its her Grandpa's favorite photo because it shows her beautiful red haired curls... just like his when he was little....


  1. She certainly is a Beauty Queen Vicki...only a few weeks to go now and you will be able to hold her again...ahh, such very special moments♥x

  2. Oh my goodness!! She is DARLING!!! What a sweetie pie, I could see how you would be counting the days apart :(
    And I love her red curls xoxoxo Although, I'm a brunette and my hubby blonde, I used to dream of having a baby with red hair and blue eyes **sigh**
    Your sweetie is a joy!! Thank you for sharing all the photos!
    Hope you are enjoying the sunshine!!
    xo Madai

  3. Oh, she is such a doll. Love those sweet curls.