Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baring Aaaallllll....

Yes, I am baring all today...
telling you all...

about my unfinished projects!

I asked myself why I'd expose myself this way...

and I have the answer
I figure that if I do,

maybe I will embarrass myself enough
to actually finish them!

Very attractive painted chandelier

A couple of YEARS ago I found this at the local flea market.
I fell in love with it and had all kinds of ideas...

Now, I can't remember what I was thinking,
although its still lovely!

Maybe candles in it, and hanging on the back porch?

But NO...
here it hangs...
gathering cobwebs...

A Pique Assiette Tabletop
which belongs....

on this!

Tall pillar with base
Yes, the table (once finished) is to go on top
of this
pillar I found in a the dump...

And besides that...
I was going to plaster

the base with lovely shells.

but here it sits...

the top on the back porch
the bottom out in the garden.

We could be sitting at this
pique assiette table
with the lovely shell-encrusted base.

But no...
instead, its collecting cobwebs.

This should be a crime, right?

Garden sink
This is self explanatory...
The fence needs repainting
and the garden sink counter
that hubby made for me

should be tiled by now...

(3 years and counting!)

on this handmade redwood heart garden shelf...

on this cast iron hose holder...

on the back of the garden gate...

Now I'm really feeling guilty!
Maybe my plan to expose my procrastination is working!


And now...
just to make myself feel a little better,
a few pretty pictures of clean places in my garden.

and a few pretty flowers
I think I'll leave this gate just the way it is though...
its kinda pretty with all the moss.
A wonderful week to all

... as for me?
"Get stuff done Vicki!"


  1. Hi Vicki...love it, love it, love it...We are just the same, especially back at the Post Office, 2 huge sheds full of it and no room for the car...most of it is gone now to good homes...but we have started all over again!!! Sometimes I think half the fun of it is finding it and looking after it. Lovely shot of the Lavender. You have a wonderful week too...Dzintra♥x

  2. When you're finished with all that, I have a few things on my to-do list that need some attention (LOL!) ... I can't get myself motivated. I am working on baskets again though (after shows and allergies) so that is a GOOD thing! Good Luck!

  3. Vicki I am the same but in time they will all get done.Very interesting post since today I finished one of my many long forgotten projects. Yours are all so lovely,luv the butterfly bush.
    Hugs Annabelle