Monday, June 29, 2009

Flea Market Binder-book

This blog is mostly about my bit o' earth, but I have many other interests as well... or er, maybe vices?

Anyway, one of my "vices" is the overwhelming urge to have BOOKS. My hubby insists that if I walk near to a bookstore there is a strange kind of magnetism that overtakes me and renders me completely incapable of resistance.

Well... ok, he's pretty much right.
I am most completely a bibliophile... sounds like a bad word, doesn't it?

I simply love anything leathery and old. The older, the better.

Well... I went to the local flea market... one of the best places to find old books, right? I always go too late in the day. I know, I know... silly me. But I do...

I walked into the main entrance and headed toward my usual routine of walking up and down the isles... when right near the front I noticed a guy who has everything priced at $1.00. How could I ignore that? I walk in and started looking around. A nice young man walked over and asked if I saw anything I was interested in. I said "not yet..." and we got into a little conversation. It turns out he's a student ... school is out and he's leaving for the summer... he has to sell everything (emphasis on the "has to" part) ... thus the "Everything must go ... $1.00" sign. I thought he was a nice kid, so I looked through his row of boxes... nothing was unpacked... perfect!

Then I spyed this....

Donna. "Who's Donna?" I asked him....
"Oh an old lady I know (I immediately thought ... "probably my age")

"She had a few things to get rid of, so I told her I'd add them to my stuff" ...

Well, this sure "binder thingie" looked a bit "dated" ... and at first glance, it was pretty ugly as well.

Other than the binder he had mostly "guy stuff," so I told him I'd be back.
He gave me that "knowing nod" that said ... "yeah, sure."

I went through the flea market and didn't find a thing I wanted... certainly nothing I "needed," but in the back of my mind that "binder thingie" kept popping up, so I headed back. It was the end of the day anyway. As I walked up, he was packing to go, but still had a ton of "guy stuff" left over.

I stopped in and asked him... "what will you do with all this stuff now?"

"... uh... Salvation Army... but I sure could've used the money."

Needless to say, I felt sorry for him. I'm such a wimp that way...

I picked up the "binder thingie" and asked him ... "what kind of book is this anyway?"
He didn't know... but suddenly I got a bright idea. ( Do I really need another idea? Argh!)

I told him I'd help him with his money issue, and gave him a dollar. We had a laugh over that... and maybe mine was the only dollar he made that day. I really hope he has enough money to get home ... wherever that is. I have the satisfaction of knowing I helped a little. (:

At first glance, this is just an ugly brown binder type of book...

But on second glance, you will see that its a unique kind of binder book...

Isn't that cool? It sits up when open!

My idea?

What if I could turn this into a wonderful RECIPE book ... that has the appeal of something like Judy would make over at Visual Anthologies? It sits up so nicely! It would be perfect to use while cooking or baking.

I'm definitely not as adept at paper and books as Judy is, but I can give it a try ... maybe?

The big problem is that I already have a huge pile of projects waiting to be completed... and books waiting to be read... and the garden to harvest and put up... and ... and... /o:`

Do I really need another project?


But how could I resist?
...considering that its a "BOOK, "
...and its a unique book
...and that mysterious megnetism was right there at the flea market!

Does anyone have an idea what this binder book was actually used for? I've never seen one like it, so I don't have a clue. I'd love to know if you have an idea.

Have a great week everyone~ (:


  1. i totally thought recipe book when i saw it standing like that!!! i don't know it's original use, but i like the way you think!!

  2. That's a great idea Vicki...I think it would work very well!!! And don't we all have projects just waiting...and somehow we just keep adding more!!! Oh the very famous saying that the stitchers say...She who dies with the most wins.
    And I am like shops are a magnet for me also...can't walk past one without 'just having a look'...same with book stalls at markets...'just in case they might have something'!!!
    A great post Vicki...and good on you for buying this...and even if you never use it you will probably never see another one...I haven't seen anything like it!! I would say a great addition to your shelves!!! Much Love, Dzintra♥x