Sunday, June 21, 2009

~Happy Father's Day~
to the 3 Dads in my life

To the 1st Best Dad in my life
You've always been there for me
~I love you Dad~

To the 2nd Best Dad in my life
You're the best Dad
I could have chosen for my children

~I love you Honey~

To the 3rd Best Dad in my life
I love the Dad you've become
to our 1st Grandbaby

~I love you Son~


  1. what beautiful shots. and such beautiful words.

  2. I agree with Shannon, Vicki...just beautiful!!! In the 2nd photo if that is your Dad holding you there sure to me looks like a resemblance between you and him...I didn't realize until I read in Blogland that it was Father's Day over there...we don't have ours till September, I hope all the Dads had a great Father's Day...Much Love, Dzintra♥x

  3. Hi Vicki :)

    This is such a beautiful post! The pictures are wonderful too :)

    Thank you for the sweet comments you always leave me and especially the one about being an old soul like me :)