Monday, March 1, 2010

Sea Jewels

I'm posting this image
just because its so beautiful

Don't you just love the colors?

Its seaweed from down at the beach

Recent storms have tossed alot
of this lovely weed up onto the beach

as I say the word "lovely"
I've got a clothespin on my nose
its lovely to look at,
not so lovely to smell

So I brought some home
and hung it up under the eaves of the porch

It looks like jewelry,
don't you think?

~Maybe mermaid jewels~


  1. Mermaid romantic...I can just see it! xx

  2. Indeed it must be a gathered chain from the necklace of a sea goddess...
    Nature's palette is so often copied but never perfected.
    It reminds me of the scene from 'Sense and Sensebilty' (the BBC version) where the youngest daughter had secured a rope of seashells across the yard to tingle in the ocean breeze.
    You write of sand and sea and I of snow and woodstoves... separated by miles we are indeed separated by seasons as well..
    Susan x

  3. Hi Vicki...lovely Sea Jewels you show us here...We had a beach walk today and encountered many Sea Jewels as well...nearly needed the peg but it wasn't too bad...just a nice sea smell...Great pic you have shown us...Love Dzintra♥x

  4. That looks like bull kelp....I have wonderful memories of swimming through long strands of it when I was diving...looked like a beautiful glowing forest when the sun shone through the water....apparently, it is really good for you and tastes like celery (if you eat it from the ocean, not the sandy beach!)
    But I love to step on the bulbs and hear them crunch under my satisfying.
    You have made it look so beautiful in the light. Absolutely, most definitely jewels fit for a mermaid.