Friday, April 3, 2009

Back from baby's birthday

I'm back from a wonderful week spent with my son, daughter-in-law and my Sophia. I cried all the way home. The others in the plane probably thought I had lost someone to death or something. Oh well... it couldn't be helped. I miss them so much!

My Sophia has grown so much in just 4 short months since Christmas! How does that happen? I know it happened fast with my own 3 ... but its even faster with a grandbaby!

Sophie has sprouted two tiny sharp teeth on the bottom and is working on more... you know that means many sleepless nights.

She is walking with help, and lets go of furniture to stand and examine things, but not to walk yet. She's so hilarious! If I walk behind her and hold my hands on her sides... but no pressure... she will walk! She's doing it... she just doesn't realize it! Funny little girl!

Two peas in a pod...
guess where she got that red hair!?
(yep, hubby)

Now its bath time!

She hates getting out of the tub!
Tired girl

Party time!!!

...wonder what this is...

...maybe I'll taste it!...

...not bad!...

...might as well eat the whole thing!...

Yes, this is the way she kisses... tongue out...
and if there happens to be
goobers on it... well, just beware! (:

We went to the park to play and take some family pictures

My handsome son, daughter-in-law, and Sophie

So I'm missing them terribly right now. I know the ache will lessen with time, but it's a slow and recurring process ... to be started over and over again each time I'm with them, and have to leave. I will see her again in 3 months ... counting the days!!!


  1. Oh my Vicki, Sophie and her family are beautiful!Such lovely and clear pictures gorgeous! So gald to hear you hadd such a lovely time there.Before you know it it will be that time again and by then your pictures of Sophie will be that more different for they do grow up fast!
    Hugs Annabelle

    p.s. I am pretty sure it is the background to your template Vicki that you see the white in the banner but will have my son take a look with me tonight.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous Vicki...and doesn't she look like your Hubby!!! Beautiful shots...was the cup cake gluten free...just asking out of interest...3 months will be up in no you can't wait!!! Enjoy your Bit-o-Earth Vicki at this most wonderful time of year...for you Spring when everything comes we slip into a glorious Autumn over here. Have a lovely Sunday...Dzintra ♥

  3. Hi Vicki,
    The banner looks good! Still curious to find out how you fixed it. Just got back from hospital, I have an injury to my miniscus on my left knee...they think....I think thats how you spell it. Anyway I am on two types of pain killers and need to stay in bed and then in a weeks time see if I need surgery...hope not! This morning I couldn't even walk...on cruches and my daughter had to grab my computer chair to lift me off my feet....terrible pain....feeling sorry for
    Go look at my new digital design ....see what I did with the worked.
    Talk to you soon, take care
    Hugs Annabelle

  4. What a beautiful family!
    Sophie is a precious lil angel!
    Love her sweet lil red curls!

    Hugz and Blessings from Michigan