Monday, April 6, 2009


I love birds. I've always fed the birds. When my kids were growing up we lived on the ranch in Eastern Oregon. The kids and I fed "our" birds ... and unintentionally a few gray squirrels as well... The ranch is a place where Bald Eagles nest in springtime. Of course I never fed them, but we always went up to the end of the valley to the reservoir to check on their nest. On our way to our Sophia's birthday party, we were at the ranch, and were pleasantly surprised that the eagles were back and already have a nest full of loud demanding babies! Here is the daddy on his way back to the nest.

He's gorgeous! Its amazing how big they are up close.

He checks things out before landing in the nest

and once there, he's not real happy the we're right below

Back at home, we have another nest. This one is in the Lemon tree... not way up at the top of a 100 ft. Pine. The momma bird was about to have a nervous breakdown as I tried to get this picture, so I decided to leave her alone and tend her eggs in peace... but isn't it a pretty sight?


  1. Such a gorgeous sight for sure! Love the lemon yellow and the fragrance must be intoxicating. Beautiful! They sure know where to pick the perfect spot for a home.
    Hugs Annabelle
    p.s. Love the background to your blog. I still haven't tried to upload mine yet but as time passes I am changing my

  2. * How TOTALLY & "FASCINATINGLY" ENCHANTING, and SO RARE, to be able to actually see what you saw, and THEN capture it on film!!! Wow, what an honor He blessed upon you! You are sooo lucky to experience seeing it all~ and UP CLOSE, too!!! I'm SOOOO GLAD you shared this rare miracle!!! Warmest, Linda *