Wednesday, April 29, 2009

To: Mr. J. Peterman

Waaaayyyy back in the 1990's I found Mr. J. Peterman's Owner's Manual. I was SMITTEN... to say the least. I couldn't wait for each new issue to come in the mail. The first thing that reeled me in were the drawings of the clothing he offered. Incredible. Then upon opening the manual, his stories about each item of clothing. I was hooked. These little mini stories took me on exotic travels through time and space in such a way that the word "intrigue" doesn't do them justice. They were filled with the romance and adventure of by-gone eras... (I really do often feel I was born in the wrong one).

Anyway, you get the picture? I loved those stories. I was a full-time working woman in an office environment (now I work from home and don't really have to dress up... kinda miss that... sorta... in a way...), so having "clothes" was important. I indulged myself now and then, and bought a number of items (not lots of them... $$$). These clothes were sooooo comfortable, fit to a "t", were oh so unique, so wonderful. I still have those pieces of clothing that I bought for work, or out for an evening with hubby or friends. They are incredibly well made, and I must say "timeless" in design. I still wear them and I'll not let them go... at least not until my body changes enough where they don't fit. But even then, I'll probably keep them. Remember how our grandmothers put fine clothing in special trunks? Well these are like precious jewels to me, so who knows... maybe I'll pack them away for a later day when my grand-daughter will be digging through her grandma's cedar chest and finds my treasures. (:

J. Peterman lost his company in 1999. You can read the story here... and I mourned the loss!!! But then he came back, and today J Peterman's Owner's Manual is back. You can browse and read online... or send for a free paper copy... which is what I do.

I have a message for John Peterman ... ( Silly, I know) Mr. Peterman, if by some very remote and odd chance you manage to find my wee tiny blog out here amongst the masses of blogs... I just have two things to say... Thank you J. Peterman. I still love your clothes. I still love the stories. BUT, there is one "but" here... I really loved the stories back then, better. What was it about those stories? The new ones are good. I'm not really complaining, but could we have a tini tiny bit more of the "old" kind? (:

Am I alone here ... or are these just lovely?

Also he's on facbook and twitter.

I don't expect he'll hear me here... but its worth a try, right?

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  1. I remember the Sears catalogs with such fondness. As a rural child in the '50s they brought a whole new fun and sophisticated world to our house.