Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tansy Photos for Rue

Yesterday Rue posted some lovely photos of views from her windows, as well as spring plants in her garden/yard on her blog. There was a question about what a certain plant was. Many people had suggestions, and I'm not one to pass up a good guessing game when it comes to plants ... so I took a few photos of one of the plants I use to deter bugs in my garden. Here it is:


Rue, does this look familiar to yours? Mine is Tansy

If your plant is Tansy, it will later have very pretty yellow button-type flowers later in the year. So it serves two purposes... it's pretty to look at, and it deters bugs. The only problem... its invasive by sending shoots out underground. If yours isn't Tansy, I'll keep checking to see if you've figured it out. Either way, fun guessing game! (:

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  1. Oops! I almost missed this post and my apologies for not seeing it earlier. I think it very well could be!! It's about to bloom and when it does I'll take a picture and let you know. Thank you so much :)