Thursday, April 16, 2009

Grandma's lamp

Yesterday I got 3 boxes from my aunt and uncle. In is was this lamp. As soon as I opened the box... I couldn't help it... I just cried a flood of tears. I wrote back in February about the loss of my beloved grandma, and this box with her lamp in it brought back all the emotions. I know I will miss her the rest of my life. I also know that it will be easier to think about her and remember her as time goes along, but its still a kind of shock when something brings her right into my face.

This lamp is interesting. Its got a cast iron hanger that screws into the wall. On the back you can see that it has a mirror type attachment that reflects the light of the lamp. I'll have to fill it up and light it to see how much it actually reflects and increases the light. I love this lamp... obviously because it was my grandma's lamp, but also because its beautiful and interesting.

I haven't decided where I'm going to mount it in my house yet... thinking...


  1. Tha lamp is beautiful.
    In Norway we used to call such lamps "great grandma lamps" or "oldemorslamper".

  2. And I'm sure you will find the perfect spot Vicki...what a beautiful lamp and you will have very many lovely memories with it once it is up and lit...I bet it will have the most beautiful glow to it...just like your Dear Grandma made you light up♥
    As for the eggs...I didn't do it the traditional Latvian way this year as we went up to see our littlies. This way was a whole lot easier as we weren't going to be here...I saved onion skins from Christmas to Easter and popped them in with the boiling eggs...and ta da...there they were...all beautiful and brown. I hadn't done this before and was quite pleased with it all!!!
    Have a lovely weekend, my Daughter is on her way down with 'our babies' for my birthday...Dzintra ♥x

  3. Wow!
    What a fantastic heirloom!
    it really is beautiful....and what a poignant reminder of her love.......
    really lovely....

  4. I sure do appreciate your comments on my blog about our trip to S. Calif, chickee! I truly hope it cheers your day up. Drop by for more shenanigans every once in a while. I've got to get more post prescheduled, but today I did laundry, got a massage, picked up mail at the post office and did a lot of "sighing"!!! Life is humorous around here, trust me.