Friday, January 8, 2010

Blissful Weekend at last

After a hectic week
This weekend I plan to:

Walk - down to the breakers

Sit - on the beach

Listen - to the waves and wildlife

Stare - at the big water

Poke - around tide pools

Look - for the coveted lovely Purple Sailor

(I've only found them once in all the years we've lived here)
This little treasure is a floater,
and due to the light weight
and the very fragile nature of this shell not many
perfect specimens are in collections)
up to 1 1/2" (4 cm.)

Wait - for sunset


I'm always mesmerized by the waves

What is it about water?

...especially moving, tumbling, crashing water.

It has a way of washing away the everyday stresses
and replacing it with peace.


I plan to surprise Hubby with a home cooked meal...

After being gone from home on business,
its what he looks forward to.

This weekend will be my next cook-up
with my friend Dzintra over at
~Queen of the Armchair~

A perfect addition to this cook-up
will be this lovely small prize!

~Icewine from the Niagra Peninsula~
My friend Susan, at Miss Maddie's
posted about this lovely dessert wine last weekend.

It looked so inviting that I had to ask her to tell me more.
She did, and I ordered a bottle.
I was so surprised that it arrived in one day.
I can't wait to taste it.


For those of you who requested it...
a 100th Post Thank-you & Give-away
is finally in the mail


What will you be doing this weekend?
~I hope it brings you what you wish for~


  1. What a super way to spend a weekend, I just love your photos. I adore being by the sea, so peaceful and tranquil, But dont think it is going to happen for a while here. never mind, I can look at your pics and dream, while I spend my weekend in front of the fire thawing out. Hugs xxx

  2. Vicki Vicki Vicki...a girl after my own you know I love the sea and am planning to go down tomorrow, which means we will both be doing the same cool is that!!! My Hubby is intrigued by that Icewine!!! I can't wait to see your cook up...Have fun my dear Friend, Love from the Land Down Under...Dzintra♥x

  3. Vicki, can I come with you????

    It is so cold here in Florida, I am threatening to unplug, put the slide in and head west! 25 degrees this morning in Davenport. Lots of juice oranges this year after they freeze on the trees. Those little purple shells are exquisite and you have a nice collection. Never seen them before.
    Enjoy your weekend!
    hugs, Joy

  4. well, a little late for reporting what i will be i will tell you what we did. :)

    i worked both friday and saturday but yesterday we had friends over to play games and eat a wonderful dinner. apple pie was made (although i had bought the apples with the intent of making a pie for my bachelor neighbor, they turned into a pie for our guests and i bought more apples to make ian a pie).

    next week some friends and i are going to the coast for a few days. i can hardly wait! knitting, reading, visiting, eating...sigh

  5. How beautiful those shells! I could just imagine how thrilling it would be to find one! I had never heard of them, thanks for sharing. xxx