Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Is it that time already?

I get completely giddy each January!
When the Garden Catalogs arrive...
avoid the crazy woman in Monterey!

I begin doing crazy things...
like pulling out every gardening book I have,

and you'd probably be aghast if I dared show you my library!

I can tell you, my DH is often aghast...
but has totally given up.
If you ask the questions...

"Another one?"


"Why do you really need another gardening book?"

only to get the same answer from each time...

"I don't know, I just do!"
Well, you'd either go nuts, or give up!

But one thing I will assure you (and him)
I DO read every one of them...
over and over.

Plus, the photos are to die for.

Also, out comes the garden journals from years past...
They're refresher courses on what went right,
and what went wrong.

Always tweaking the new garden~

What can I say?
Come January, I 'm a little bit crazy every single year!


  1. Lovely books, you and my hubby would get on just fantastically, he is a landscape gardener by trade, and he has loads of gardening books which he too reads from cover to cover all the time. Hugs xxx

  2. Oh Vicki, I don't know if you've read a book called "Crazy About Gardening" by Des Kennedy, if you haven't you "must" read it. It is a hysterically funny description of people like us, well, you know...a bit "nutty" :0) Should you decide to read it, please let me know what you think xx

  3. Thanks for the tip Alina! I'll look for it.I always love to find new books(another of my vices!), and especially when its funny! (:

  4. Hi Vicki...I reckon it's ok to go a little bit crazy every year!!! You remind me of me going to buy if I need anymore...just for the photos and to drool over and to maybe make something out of them...but I'm like you, I just love it!!! Happy Gardening to you my dear friend...Love Dzintra♥x

  5. Hi Vicki,
    Thank you for leaving a nice comment. Really good to meet you!:)
    I can understand your book obsession. I like collecting them too but my obsession is collecting children's books. I find them very inspiring.
    I have just left you a message on your other post as well and I'm now following you!:)
    Jo May.x

  6. That library of books helps to remind oneself that Spring is just around the corner. Having seen your beautiful gardens through previous posts over the year and the bountiful harvest you share through temping pictures I'd say that you thoroughly enjoy them...

  7. Enjoy your gardening books and catalogues.
    I asume you have a lot of plans for your garden and for spring/summer.

    Here in cold Norway in below 35 degrees C we don't think about gardening yet but how to keep us warm :)

    Have a nice evening and a lovely weekend!

    Hugs from Marianne