Friday, January 29, 2010

Gypsy Friends

We have some dear friends who are true gypsies
They popped in for an overnight stay last night.

We've been friends for about many years,
...raised our kids together,
and have stayed in touch forever.

They've been sailing for years,
and have made Australia their home-away-from -home for the past 8.
They started out by learning to sail on a small lake
near the town where we all lived.
They both went back to college and became nurses
in order to support themselves wherever their travels took them.
As they honed their sailing skills,
they gradually expanded the distances.
Before long, they had sailed from California to Hawaii,
then down the west coast of South America
through the islands
and on to Australia.

They own this (pic above) large beautiful catamaran
and have made Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia
their homebase
...until now.

We've enjoyed years of receiving emails, photos and
amazing tales of travel from them.

A few years ago, they took a kitty on board,
who they named Pooterhead
(go figure... where do we get these names! LOL)

This cat loved living on the boat
and learned to swim from boat to land and back.

A few years ago some other friends and I talked
Shirlee into writing a book of their tales of travel.
We've been working together on the book ever since.

Well, its almost done...

To publish the book
is dream that will hopefully be fulfilled one day!

So they popped in last night after flying in to Los Angeles.
They're moving back to the States for now.
Shirlee's parents need her help for awhile.
Sadly, they are selling their boat and staying ashore indefinitely...
but one day they plan to buy a new boat
and sail down the East Coast of the US,
and on down to South America.

We had hoped to vacation with them in Australia one day

...but the years rolled by and one thing or another always came up...
or maybe we allowed it to.

Sadly for us, it looks like our opportunity has escaped us...

for now.

I so admire their gypsy-ness...
You wouldn't believe the tales they have to tell,
and I love hearing them

...but I am also so much an earth person.
I need a home place, a garden and a solid spot on earth,
but I can kinda live a gypsy life vicariously through them,

...because I know their gypsy blood
will not allow them to stay land-bound for long.

And one day we will join them for an adventure!


After seeing this little button on Dzintra's blog,
and then following the link to Heidi's blog to read about it...

A Sew-in sounds too inviting to ignore.
I'm making this new outfit for Sophie,
and a sew-in will give me a boost to get it done!
I can always use an extra incentive...
So I'm joining the February Sew-in



  1. Such a wonderful post Vicki, I too envy them for their "gypsy" life, In my younger years hubby and I loved to travel and roam, mostly around our beautiful country, but sadly we are now earth bound to one spot now, though I can travel via the internet - it does not feel the same. Oh I can feel the itching in my feet as I type this. Hugs xxx

  2. A Gypsy life style...only in my dreams! So true what you said about not seizing the moment and not having gone to Australia, but it's never too late. Don't give up on the book, it sounds wonderful! xx

  3. In my younger days (and with a different man) I planned to retire in a sailboat and sail the seven seas, write books and see the world. We bought the boat, went to Alaska, took navigation classes and to fatten the kitty and ended up divorced. The boat was sold but my gypsy blood would not leave me in peace. Now I ride the ribbons of highways across the USA in my motorhome and write my blog. New man (well he was new 25 years ago) had no interest in sailing but the motorhome was an easy sell. He likes this kind of traveling as much as I do. So... the moral of the story is there is more than one way to skin a cat!

  4. G'day Vicki...I have been trying to comment here for a couple of days and the computer kept freezing up on me...Finally, I'm in!!!
    As soon as I saw that pic I thought that has to be in the Land Of Oz...and how similar it looks to our beach!!! That kitty Pooterhead is amazing...I've not seen anything like that happen!!! Oh what fun you will have with your gypsy friends when they set sail again!!!
    How perfect to be able to life a gypsy life from your spot on Earth...A book, how wonderful...what fun it must be to put it all together!!!
    Yay you've joined the Sew will be great...I am planning what to sew and thinking we might watch Benjamin Button...Happy Sunday to you Dear Vicki...Love from Down Under, Dzintra♥x